Hottop Home Coffee Roaster KN-8828B-2-K+ - USB Ready with Free 6 lb Coffee Sampler

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Home roasters rejoice! The Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ is here and has raised the bar for quality home roasting. The 2K+ now offers users even more control than its predecessor, the KN-8828P-2K, allowing total roast time, target roasting temperature, fan speed, and heating power to be controlled manually - even in the middle of a roast. The possibilities presented through these variables are virtually endless, which means users can make fine adjustments to hone in on the ideal parameters. The 2K+ features two K thermocouples and real-time monitoring over both bean temperature and environmental temperature. Both temperatures, along with all other roasting data, are displayed on a new high contrast LED screen throughout the roast cycle . A bi-directional USB port supports third party software for real-time monitoring and graphing of roasts as well as computer control of the roaster (software can be found here).


  • Dynamic roasting control - manipulate target time, target temperature, fan speed, and heater power at any time during the roast.
  • Advanced LED screen with wide viewing angle, high contrast, and full roast data displayed in real time
  • Three push buttons for starting and stopping roasts and approving changes, Four bi-directional, infinite-rotation speed-sensitive knobs for easy and fast parameter changes during the roast (fan speed, temperature control, target temperature, and target time).
  • Two K-type thermocouples for separate bean temperature (BT) and environmental temperature (ET) for real-time monitoring. Both temperatures are displayed on the LED screen throughout the roast.
  • Bi-directional USB port supports third party software for real-time monitoring and graphing of roasts as well as for computer control of the roaster


  • Save roasts to memory for recall
  • Capacity: up to 300 grams per batch (best results with 250 grams)
  • External cooling tray with agitation arm and fan; beans cool in 4-5 minutes
  • Auto Roast Mode with factory installed profile
  • 3 available memory locations for storing complete profiles
  • 25 minute maximum roast time
  • 3 Eject Modes: Auto, Push-button,and Manual
  • Manual ejection pin for safety
  • Roast times range approximately 12-16 minutes depending on mass of beans, roast level desired
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Manufacturer: Hottop
Model: KN-8828B-2K+
Width: 10"
Depth: 19"
Height: 14"
Voltage: 110
Weight: 20 lbs.
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