Ice-O-Matic IFQ1 - Single Filter Water Filtration System

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This is the Ice-O-Matic IFQ1 single filter water filtration system. This filtration system creates clean water which helps you produce better ice!

The IFQ1 is a high-capacity carbon filtration system that helps remove sediment and unwanted tastes and odors. It also features patented IsoNet scale inhibiting technology which means it protects your equipment against lime-scale and corrosion.

If you purchase an Ice-O-Matic water filtration system with a new ICE series cube ice maker and replace the filter every 6 months, Ice-O-Matic will extend the evaporator warranty to 7 years parts and labor.

What's in the box?

  • IFQ1 water filtration system


  • 1 Micron filter removes sediment, scale, and chlorine with minimal water flow restriction.
  • Utilizes IsoNet to provide protection against corrosion and lime-scale formation.
  • Sediment Removal eliminates clogging and reduces down time.
  • Eqipped with quick twist-connect fittings for fast, easy replacement.
  • Scale Protection maintains consistent ice production.
  • For use on the following Ice-O-Matic machines: ICEU070,150, 220, 226, 300, ICE0250, 0320, 0400, 0406, 0500, 0520, 0606, ICE0806, MFI0500, MFI0800, EF250, EF450, GEMU090, GEMD270, GEMD520, GEMD540, GEMD790, GEM0450, GEM0650, GEM0956.

Warranty- Purchase an Ice-O-Matic water filter with your new Ice-O-Matic Cube Ice Maker, replace the filter every 6 months, and the evaporator is covered for 7 years- parts and labor.

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Brand Ice-O-Matic
Width 6 in.
Depth 4 in.
Height 15 in.
Weight 4 lbs
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