Compact Nitro Coffee Kit

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  • Nitro Coffee Javarator
  • Nitro Coffee Javarator
  • Nitro Coffee Stout Guinness Faucet
  • Nitro Coffee Pour
  • Nitro Coffee Kegerator Javarator


With the Javarator nitro coffee kit, amazingly creamy cold coffee is right at your fingertips. This complete nitro coffee system comes ready to go, and it couldn't be easier to set up and serve nitro cold brew at your cafe or home. Included is everything you need to get started, with a 3 gallon keg and 22 cu ft nitrogen bottle - just fill the gas bottle at your local supplier and keg your desired coffee. Nitrogen bottles are optional for this kit, see note below.

Nitro coffee is a unique and invigorating summertime option for your cafe, and it transforms your cold brew with a creamier mouthfeel and slight effervescence. When served on nitrogen, your pours will take on a smooth head of foam, and thanks to the included stout faucet the bubbles are miniscule and lasting - just like the perfect microfoam. Ask a customer who loves nitro coffee and they'll tell you it tastes sweeter too, without any added sugar. It's no wonder nitro cold brew is one of the hottest trends in coffee today.

This kit includes a Javarator single tower kegerator, one 3 Gal Cornelius keg, one 22 cu ft nitrogen gas bottle, a dual gauge nitrogen regulator, a stainless steel stout faucet and all the lines and fittings needed for setup. Note that new nitrogen bottles must be re-certified every five years. It may be more cost-effective to rent a bottle from your local gas supplier - check with your local gas suppliers for stock and pricing. Nitrogen bottles must be shipped empty.

What's in the Box

  • Javarator Compact Kegerator
  • 3 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Factory New)
  • Stainless Steel Stout Faucet with Black Knob
  • Premium Double Gauge Nitrogen Regulator
  • 22 Cu. Ft. Aluminum Nitrogen Tank (must be sold empty)
  • Stainless Single Tower
  • 5 ft Gas Line 5/16" ID
  • 5 ft Liquid Line 5/16" ID
  • ABS Ball Lock Fittings
  • Faucet Wrench
  • Dual Tap - NitroM\ option (select when you add to cart) adds a dual tap tower, air line splitter, additional stout faucet, additional keg, and all necessary fittings
  • Dual Tap - Nitro and CO2M\ option adds a dual tap tower, standard faucet, CO2 tank, CO2 regulator, additional keg, and all necessary fittings.


  • Keg and serve deliciously creamy nitro coffee
  • Cornelius keg is easy to fill, clean, and maintain
  • Kit includes everything you need - just add coffee and nitrogen
  • Nitrogen bubbles add a creamy head and no off-flavors
  • Room for two kegs up to 5 Gal, with gas bottles
  • Optional external gas bottle mount included
  • Warranty (kegerator only): 1 year parts and labor, 5 years compressor - parts only

Want A Better Warranty Or Need Something Bigger?

Check out Turb air's Commercial Nitro Coffee Kit - Single Tower or the Commercial Bitro Coffee Kit - Double Tower


Manufacturer: Kegco
Model: ICK19B-1
Dimensions: 33 in H × 20 in W × 25.5 in D
Capacity: Up to two 5 gallon Cornelius kegs
Weight: 90 lbs (empty)
Voltage: 115v
Amps: 2.3A
Operating Temperature: 34-45F
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