Magnetic Grinds Catch for Kinu M47 Classic and M47 Simplicity Hand Grinders

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This grinds catch is a perfect replacement part for the Kinu M47 Classic, or a wonderful upgrade for the Kinu M47 Simplicity.


0.6 lbs
4.25 in
4.25 in
5 in


Whether you need a replacement part for your M47 Classic or an upgrade for your M47 Simplicity, this catch cup is exactly what you’re looking for. Made from stainless steel with ABS plastic its rugged build is made to last, and the neodymium magnets that hold it in place make detaching and reattaching your grinds catch a cinch.

This part will work only with the Classic and Simplicity models and not the Phoenix or Traveler which require the all ABS plastic replacement.


  • Replacement 11-magnet grinds catch
  • Holds approximately 30–40 grams of grounds
  • Compatible with Kinu M47 Classic and M47 Simplicity grinders ONLY


Part: 11 Magnet Receiver
Materials: Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic, Neodymium Magnets
Weight: 0.4 lbs (183 g)
Height: 2.4 in. (60 mm)
Diameter: Base - 2.5 in. (64 mm) Top - 1.9 in. (48 mm)
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4/9/2020 7:39:05 PM

5 / 5 stars

Excellent Upgrade

I bought the M47 Simplicity to save money, but also because the Classic was out of stock. The grinds cup on the Simplicity works fine, but is the cheapest part of the Simplicity by far. I saw the magnetic cup was back in stock, so glad I got one. The magnets hold tight, then release nicely when pulled down, and the fit is very precise. It is plastic outside, but full polished metal on sides and bottom inside. Compared to the all plastic Simplicity cup there is also much less static and pours out more precisely as well.

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