Pour Over Replacement Burr for Kinu M47 Grinders

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If you want to maximize the performance of your Kinu hand grinder for pour over and coarse grinding, this replacement cone burr is the ideal solution. In our testing, it improves the flavor quality and clarity of pour over brews compared to the stock M47 burrs. However, because of the new burr design, your grind performance will change. Grinding speed is slower, sometimes taking twice as long as the stock burrs, with finer grind sizes taking much longer. The coarse burr may be used for espresso or moka pot grinding, but at these setting you may expect to grind for up to a minute longer than usual. With that in mind, we recommend this burr specifically for use with pour over or batch brewing rather than espresso.

You may also need to adjust your brewing recipes to accommodate a new grind setting after installing the pour over burr. Our typical grind settings usually shifted finer when using this burr, by about 0.5-1 full rotations of the adjustment dial.

Installation Instructions:

    1. Begin by loosening and removing the thumb screw at the top of the grinder by turning it counter-clockwise, then remove the handle and drive hub by pulling them both straight out.
    2. Using one hand to hold the center burr in place at the bottom of the grinder, loosen the adjustment wheel fully (counter-clockwise) and remove it.
    3. Carefully pull the center burr straight out from the bottom of the grinder, along with the drive axle.
    4. Remove the spring from on top of the center burr, and then remove the center burr itself.
    5. Replace the center burr with your new pour over/coarse grinding burr. Align the driving pin with one of the holes in the base of the burr.
    6. Place the spring back onto the drive axle on top of the burr, then carefully slide the axle back up through the bearings.
    7. Replace the adjustment wheel, again holding the cone burr in place as you screw the wheel clockwise to tighten. We recommend tightening the wheel fully (to "zero") and then loosening again by 3-4 revolutions as a starting point for pour over brewing.
    8. Align the drive hub with the fitting on the drive axle and push it into place. Insert the handle into the drive hub opening.
    9. Finally, insert and tighten the thumb screw by turning it clockwise until it is firmly in place.
    10. You're now ready to grind with your new pour over burr, enjoy!


  • Replacement cone burr for Kinu hand grinders
  • Improved grinding for pour over and batch brewing
  • Replaces stock cone burr, no tools necessary for installation
  • Fits Kinu M47 Classic, M47 Traveler, M47 Phoenix, and M47 Simplicity grinders
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