Knock Feld2 Hand Grinder

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1.6 lbs
6.5 in
5.25 in
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The Feld2, as Knock puts it, is the Feldgrind "Honed." It features the same coated steel burrs as the previous iteration, with new refinements to the build that make it easier to use and adjust. The aluminum body is now made from a single piece of material, which helps improve burr alignment. The new handle and lid are designed for easier adjustment, with the lid functioning as the adjustment collar and the handle doubling as the setting indicator. Settings are clearly marked by 12 number indicators around the lid rim, with each revolution translating to about 0.8 mm of vertical travel at the cone burr. A new pommel on the handle makes for a very comfortable grip during grinding, and the longer handle itself offers some increased leverage over other hand grinder designs. While Knock's intent is for the Aergrind to be their more travel-ready grinder, the Feld2 is still compact and light enough to pack away in a bag easily for travel.

To make grind adjustments, just hold the lid firmly in place and rotate the handle about its axis. Espresso settings can be found between 1 and 2 revolutions, and manual drippers will start around 3-4 revolutions depending on dripper style and batch size. 5 full revolutions gives a good french press grind. The new lid can be a little tricky as if it is rotated when removed the keyholes for the handle and lid will be misaligned. In the event that this happens, inset the handle-lid assembly so it first locks in to the handle keyhole. Then, apply gentle downward pressure and rotate the lid until it drops into place. It may be easier to visually align the keyholes on the underside of the handle-lid assembly to match the drive shaft first.



What's in the box:

  • Feld2 hand grinder
  • Detachable handle and lid
  • 3 spare o-rings


  • "Nerost" ceramic coated steel conical burrs - 38 mm ring burr, 30 mm cone burr
  • Hopper capacity around 30 grams
  • Removable handle and lid
  • Stepless adjustment from Turkish fine to coarse
  • 12 reference marks on lid with a corresponding arrow on the handle
  • Double locking lid with handle keeps it firmly in place
  • Unibody aluminum design with dual bearings
  • Made in the UK


Manufacturer: Knock
Model: Feld2
Dimensions 8.5 in. (H) x 1.97 in (W) x 6.25 in. (D) (with handle)
Weight 675 g / 1.5 lb
Capacity: 25-35 grams (hopper)
Materials: Anodized aluminum body, steel burrs, drive shaft and handle, silicone grip
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