Knock Aergrind 2022

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Knock Aergrind (2022) Hand Grinder

Stronger For Longer

The Aergrind by Knock has been a continuously dependable hand grinder since its release in 2017. However, the folks at Knock wanted to take the Aergrind up a notch while still keeping it at “better value for money” price point. While retaining all of the beloved features of its predecessor, the new Aergrind is built completely from metal components, forgoing any plastic pieces, as a minimal environmental impact was one of Knock’s goals for this grinder. An all-metal design ensures that the 2022 Aergrind will be a stronger and longer-lasting hand grinder.

Grinding with the Knock Aergrind (2022) Hand Grinder

Upgraded Burrs

The Aergrind, which is still small enough to rest comfortably inside of an AeroPress, features a new set of burrs that are guaranteed to last longer than the burrs found in the original Aergrind. The new 38mm conical burr set comes directly from Italy’s Italmill, and they boast a new, titanium nitride (TiN) coating, as opposed to the ceramic-coated steel burrs found in the Aergrind’s previous iteration. The new burrs, coupled with a stronger cranking arm, make grinding coffee easier and more enjoyable while still offering competition-level quality ground coffee.

Grinding with the Knock Aergrind (2022) Hand Grinder

Greater Grind Uniformity

The stepless grind adjustment that was present on the original model can still be found on the newest Aergrind. However, even there, Knock saw an opportunity for improvement. The stability of the axle has been vastly improved and reinforced by adding more distance between the bearings that are housed within the grinder. This feature ensures that burr wobble is virtually non-existent, paving the way for even greater particle uniformity with the new Aergrind. The lid, which utilized a sticker to indicate grind settings on the original model, has now been upgraded to a laser-etched, aluminum plate. With all of the upgrades made to the Aergrind, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing it in the competition circuit for years to come.


    38mm conical burrs with TiN coating


    Simple, stepless grind adjustment


    Grind from Turkish to cold brew


    All-metal construction

More Features

Thicker, stronger crank arm

New threaded grounds catch

Magnetic lid with laser-etched reference numbers

New walnut pommel on crank arm

Better inner stability for greater uniformity


Manufacturer: Knock
Model: Aergrind (2022)
Burrs: 38mm TiN-coated conical
Grind Adjustment: Stepless
Hopper Capacity: 20-25g
Grounds Catch Capacity: 25-40g
Dimensions: 1.8" (W) x 6.6" (H)
Weight: 15.7 oz

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