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Knock Feldgrind Hand Grinder

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The Feldgrind by Knock is yet another reason to look to hand grinders for excellence in grind quality for a more affordable price. A set of ceramic-coated burrs and stepless adjustment make the Feldgrind a fantastic manual grinder for all your brewing needs - from espresso to Chemex and more.

Rarely does a hand grinder look and feel so good. The Feldgrind's construction is compact and sturdy, and plainly well-engineered. Featuring 38 mm conical steel burrs coated with ceramic for better hardness and longevity, the Feldgrind makes short work of a charge of beans. Grinding for espresso takes about 45 seconds for a dose of 20 grams, and a similar dose for a V60 grind takes about 30. The stepless adjustment includes a prominent dial with clearly labeled radial markings, making it fairly easy to come back to a desired grind setting. We've found shots pulled with the Feldgrind to be crisp and clear, and quite easy to dial in. Brews show only a trace of fines at coarse settings, making for equally balanced and crisp pourovers.

The Feldgrind is designed for travel, with a compact size and components that lock in with friction and stay put while you're on the move. The handle easily comes off the drive shaft spur and straps in with the included rubber grip band for packing up and traveling. The hopper will hold about 30-40 grams of coffee, depending on the roast level and bean size. To clean, simply brush or wipe clean with dry implements, and remove the cone burr if needed using a standard allen wrench.

  • Compact hand grinder with excellent grind quality
  • Stepless grind adjustment, ranging from Turkish fine to press pot coarse
  • Ceramic-coated conical steel burrs
  • Internal bearings and spring for excellent burr stabilization
  • Removable handle with rubber sleeve grip for storage and travel
  • Roughly 40 gram hopper capacity
  • Clearly marked adjustment dial for easily repeatable grind settings
  • Materials include: stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, rubber and plastic
  • Made in the UK


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