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Knock Feldgrind Hand Grinder

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4.5 stars, based on 6 reviews

The Feldgrind by Knock is yet another reason to look to hand grinders for excellence in grind quality for a more affordable price. A set of ceramic-coated burrs and stepless adjustment make the Feldgrind a fantastic manual grinder for all your brewing needs - from espresso to Chemex and more.


Rarely does a hand grinder look and feel so good. The Feldgrind's construction is compact and sturdy, and plainly well-engineered. Featuring 38 mm conical steel burrs coated with ceramic for better hardness and longevity, the Feldgrind makes short work of a charge of beans. Grinding for espresso takes about 45 seconds for a dose of 20 grams, and a similar dose for a V60 grind takes about 30. The stepless adjustment includes a prominent dial with clearly labeled radial markings, making it fairly easy to come back to a desired grind setting. We've found shots pulled with the Feldgrind to be crisp and clear, and quite easy to dial in. Brews show only a trace of fines at coarse settings, making for equally balanced and crisp pourovers.

The Feldgrind is designed for travel, with a compact size and components that lock in with friction and stay put while you're on the move. The handle easily comes off the drive shaft spur and straps in with the included rubber grip band for packing up and traveling. The hopper will hold about 30-40 grams of coffee, depending on the roast level and bean size. To clean, simply brush or wipe clean with dry implements, and remove the cone burr if needed using a standard allen wrench.

  • Compact hand grinder with excellent grind quality
  • Stepless grind adjustment, ranging from Turkish fine to press pot coarse
  • Ceramic-coated conical steel burrs
  • Internal bearings and spring for excellent burr stabilization
  • Removable handle with rubber sleeve grip for storage and travel
  • Roughly 40 gram hopper capacity
  • Clearly marked adjustment dial for easily repeatable grind settings
  • Materials include: stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, rubber and plastic
  • Made in the UK


Verified Buyer


5 / 5 stars

Happy Grinding

I purchased this as a replacement for an older ceramic burr hand grinder I had been using for a few years. While this cost almost five times what I paid for my old hand grinder, it has been worth every penny and is a welcome addition to my coffee routine. The grinder feels solid and heavy in hand, which is probably why it cranks through coffee at all different levels like a knife through butter. Grinder adjustments are simple, and having the numbers on the dial means that you can easily switch between grind settings depending on what you're brewing. I love being able to jump back and forth between Aeropress and V60 grinds without the dialing in that I was used to with my older hand grinder.

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Verified Buyer


5 / 5 stars

Incredible quality

The Knock Feldgrind is a lovely piece of work. The attention to detail is very obvious. It grinds very, very smoothly. It's much quieter than other grinders I've used. When empty, the shaft spins so smoothly, a testament to the quality of the bearings and work. I'm glad I bought this!

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5 / 5 stars

Great grinder

This grinder is great. An obvious upgrade from a blade grinder. Mainly used for aeropress and chemex but has made me realize how great home roasted coffee can be. I have used it on espresso but just briefly so I couldn't necessarily judge it for espresso due to lack of time. But so far consistency has been great and it takes basically no effort to grind and I've tried both light and dark roast. Only a couple things I don't love about it, the handle isn't very snug when you place it on the shaft so if you aren't careful it will come off. The top cap is the same but that's really not an issue to me. Lastly the grinds chamber came off once while grinding a larger amount to coffee and dumped grounds all over the floor, but it was my fault because I forgot to empty it. Overall I would recommend it to anyone without a doubt. Also thanks to prima coffee for being a solid company with fast shipping.

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5 / 5 stars

Hard to find grinder in the US

I just bought this from Prima. First off, they are awesome in terms of service and shipping. This grinder was difficult to buy living in the US so I am very glad Prima is stocking this. I bought from the manufacturer in Scotland but it was never shipped even after several weeks of wait. I was looking to replace my 8 year old "Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Coffee Grinder" which IMO is terrible for pour-over (my goto device is Kalita) brewing. I have a Baratza Percisio but I took it work because my wife hates to lose her kitchen counter space. She hated Kyocera too because I would leave kitchen counter with shards of coffee beans flying everywhere. Enter Feldgrind,...BOY! what an amazing engineering, effortless grinding and consistency of the grind. I got my mine with printed instructions which were quite simple of follow. I am sure you have good knowledge of coffee and grinding already if you are looking to buy this product. There are tons of resources at Coffee Geek and Home Barista forums about this grinder to lean on for advice, pictures and videos. I also bought this with the intention of learning espresso in the future. I brewed my usual morning coffee twice with Kalita 155 using both grinders and matching grind size as closely as possible. Even though I am not a trained coffee taster I can tell the difference. Coffee brewed with Feldgrind tastes way better and sweeter! Like many others have said before, grinder is everything....without a good grinder you cannot get good coffee. I see it as a way of respecting the farm from which those coffee beans are produced.

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5 / 5 stars

Snatch this bad boy up!

i am beyond excited to see the Fledgrind on prima! I had been watching made by knock for a while, and the only way to get one in the states was to pretty much get lucky. He only had a few for sale at a time, and I happened to be on his website when he threw them up there. I had been looking at hand grinders for quite some time. Yet, the only ones I had messed with where bulky, impossible to dial in, and didnt have a great grind consistency. Everything I had read about the FeldGrind suggested it was superior to the usual hand grinder. Needless to say, I was excitation when mine arrived in the mail. Ok, to the good stuff. out of the box it takes some getting used to. There were no directions or anything, so trial and error was my options. Not sure if prima is going to have a set of instructions or any paperwork with it. You'll go through a little bit of coffee trying to dial your grind size up. I usually only do a v60, so I don't have to change my grind size often. The step less selection is so easy and effortless. Just turn the dial and grind away. I was blown away at how fast this thing grinds up coffee, It's pretty darn close to the speed of an electric grinder. One word of caution, when you are getting close to finishing the grind don't get overzealous. I've had a couple times where the handle slips of the notch and whips around and try's to knock your finger off. let's talk a bout how awesome this grind consistency is... It's awesome! I loved this thing so much I gave my electric grinder to my friend. Now I only use this bad boy. My only bugaboos about the Feldgrind is that it doesn't fit into an aero press, and it's a little difficult to clean the burrs without taking it completely apart and losing your grind setting. I can't recommend this highly enough, I love showing it to all my buddies that work at cafes, and to anyone that will listen to me talk about it. thanks to the Feldgrind, my home brew game is stronger than ever.

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2 / 5 stars

Compact and impressive, but faulty part and no response by manufacturer

I love this grinder, the most compact manual one I could find that produces a pretty consistent coarseness. I've been making good espresso with it while traveling. However, soon after I purchased the grinder, the knob fell off the handle and it no longer stays put. The grinding now feels loose, and the knob occasionally pops off (and rolls away!). I contacted the manufacturer, Knock, by e-mail several times, but I received no response. This is disappointing, as I'm now left with a knob that regularly falls off the handle. Defects like this should be covered without question on a grinder of this price.

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