Option-O Lagom Mini Compact Electric Coffee Grinder

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  • Option-O Lagom Mini Compact Electric Coffee Grinder (Black)
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  • Option-O Lagom Mini Compact Electric Coffee Grinder (Black)
  • Option-O Lagom Mini Compact Electric Coffee Grinder (Silver)


  • What's in the Box

  • Option-O Lagom Mini Compact Grinder
  • Aluminum Grounds Catch Cup
  • Power Adapter/Cable
  • Reference Stickers
Option-O Lagom Mini Adjustment

Small But Mighty

Option-O became famous practically overnight with the release of the Lagom P64: a phenomenal single-dosing grinder that took the home coffee world by storm. Now, a more compact and economically-friendly version is making the same huge waves in the form of the Lagom Mini compact grinder. With a footprint of only 3.7” x 2.6”, it’s possibly the smallest electric grinder on the market while being capable of grinding for espresso, pour-overs, and brewing applications that require a coarse grind. Boasting a similar, sleek exterior to its bigger brother, the Lagom Mini is offering tremendous performance in a miniature package.

Loading Coffee into the Option-O Lagom Mini

The Inner Workings

The Lagom P64 is highly regarded for its incredible build quality, and Lagom Mini has not deviated from the same high standards as the P64. However, unlike Option-O's flagship model, the Lagom Mini utilizes 48mm conical steel burrs that spin at a low RPM for consistent particle size and quiet grinding. The Lagom Mini’s main axle is supported by dual 5-grade angular contact bearings to ensure maximum stability of the burrs and uniform grind results. Like Option-O’s other grinders, the Lagom Mini is also a zero-retention, single-dosing grinder. This means that no more wasteful purging when switching coffees is necessary, allowing you to keep every gram of your delicious single-origins or rich blends.

Option-O Lagom Mini

Uncompromising Build Quality

When designing the Lagom Mini, the team at Option-O envisioned something that wasn't only a beautiful piece of machinery, but one that would be durable and long-lasting. The most critical parts are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel have a corrosion-resistant, anodized finish to keep your grinder working for years to come. On the Lagom Mini, you'll find a stepless adjustment mechanism that allows for the smallest tweaks necessary for any brewing method. To aid in keeping coffee retention to an absolute minimum, the base of the Lagom Mini is magnetized to ensure that the grounds catch lands in the same spot every time.


    48mm Conical Burrs


    Espresso to French Press


    Stepless Grind Adjustment


    Made From High-Quality Materials

More Features

Smallest Electric Grinder Available

Magnetic Catch Cup & Lid

Powerful Motor Spinning at Low RPMs

Highly Uniform Grinding Capability

1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty


Manufacturer: Option-O
Model: Lagom Mini
Burr Shape: 48mm Stainless Steel Conical
Hopper Capacity: 30g
Grounds Catch Capcity: 40g
Grounds Retention: Less than 0.1g
Materials: 6061-T6 Aluminum | Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 2.6" W x 9.4" H x 3.7" D

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