Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine

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  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (black, front)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (stainless steel, front)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (white, front)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (stainless steel, front)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (white, front)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (black, side)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (black, back)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (black, side)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (black, side)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine Tamper
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (stainless steel)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (white)
  • Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine (black)


  • What's in the Box

  • Polished resin actuators (stainless version) maple actuators (white and black options)
  • 1x 9-11g IMS Basket
  • 1x 14-18g IMS Basket
  • 1x 18-21g IMS Basket
  • Backflush Disk
  • 1x Stainless steel tamper with red wooden handle
  • Scoop
  • 35L in-tank water softener
  • Cleaning Kit
Lelit Mara X Black

All The Right Features

Outfitted with all the right features, the Lelit Mara X stands out as the epitome of premium choices in the realm of contemporary entry-level home espresso machines. Setting itself apart, the Mara X's ingenious heat exchange system not only economizes on space and cost but also delivers exceptional temperature control and stability. Further elevating the user-experience, the Mara X boasts additions such as cool-touch steam wands, a dual manometer monitoring steam and brewing pressures, a remarkably hushed vibratory pump featuring a gentle pressure ramp, a quick 24-minute heat-up time, and the luxury of choosing from three sleek color options. Furthermore, its 58mm group head compatibility allows the use of professional aftermarket accessories.

Lelit Mara X White

Brew and Steam Priority Modes

The hallmark of the Mara X is in its clever priority control over both steaming and brewing, allowing the user to decide what’s most important to them. In steam priority mode, the Mara X will steam with greater power and offer better milk texture, as well as recovering faster between drinks, allowing multiple drinks to be made simultaneously. In Brew priority mode, the Mara X focuses more of its attention on maintaining a lower and more stable water temperature ideal for espresso brewing, helping to minimize large temperature fluctuations from shot to shot. Further enhancing espresso brewing is the inclusion of three preset temperature settings—Warm (197F), Hot (201F), and Extra-Hot (205F)—easily optimizing water temperature for dark, medium, or light roasts, respectively. Compared to other heat exchangers on the market, the Mara X offers significantly more control—simulating, in a sense, the capability of dual boiler espresso machines.

Lelit Mara X Black Steaming Milk

Fit and Finish

As if the Mara X weren't already irresistible, its brushed, fully stainless steel body is now available in matte black or matte white powder coating, elevating its aesthetic appeal and modern identity. The stainless steel model features polished black resin actuators, while the black and white options come with Maple wooden actuators. The Mara X is also incredibly compact with a width of only 9". This allows the machine to fit into nearly every nook at cranny in the house, saving you space.

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    Heat Exchange Operation with Brew and Steam Priority Modes

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    Extremely Small Footprint

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    Double Manometer for Steam and Brew Pressures

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    Temperature Configuration Buttons (Warm, Hot, Extra-Hot)

More Features

Cool-touch steam and hot water wands

Nearly silent vibratory pump

58mm group compatible with professional accessories

Fully stainless steel body construction

Passive, lever-operated mechanical pre-infusion


Manufacturer: Lelit
Model: PL62X-120
Country of Origin: Italy
Power: 120V, 1400 watts, 15 amps
Construction Material: Brushed stainless steel, polymer tubing connections, resin or wood actuators
Dimensions: 14”(H), 9”(W), 16”(D), 42lbs
Warranty: 3 Years Parts and Labor
Boiler Capacity: 1.8L
Water Reservoir Capacity: 2.5L
Operation: Heat Exchange
Pump Type: Vibratory
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Warranty Information

3-year parts and labor warranty provided by Prima
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