Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine

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  • Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine
  • Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine (Front)
  • Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine Pressure Gauge


  • What's in the Box

  • Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine
  • Bottomless Walnut Portafilter
  • Lelit 58mm Stainless Steel Tamper
  • Lelit In-Tank Water Softner
  • Single Basket
  • Double Basket
  • Triple Basket
  • Backflush Blank Basket
  • 2-Hole Steam Tip
  • 4-Hole Steam Tip
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Braided Plumb-In Line
  • Drip Tray Drain Attachment
  • Group Head Brush
Using the Manual Paddle on the Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine

Higher Expectations Met

Lelit set the home espresso bar incredibly high with the first and second iterations of the Bianca espresso machine. Now, they’re aiming even higher with the Bianca V3. By introducing several new features to an already well-loved machine while keeping the most important attributes intact, Lelit has, once again, delivered an espresso machine for the home coffee enthusiast that offers superb performance with high-quality components and the same control over your shots that made the previous versions of the Bianca so popular.

Pulling a Shot on the Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine

Easier, More Even Extractions

The Bianca from Lelit changed what was possible from a home espresso machine by integrating a manual paddle that offered direct control over the flow of water to your espresso shot; Lelit has taken this a step further by introducing their ‘Electronic Low-Flow Mode’. This feature allows the user to begin and end a shot of espresso with a preset and automatically engaged low amount of flow to the puck. This helps to evenly saturate the bed of coffee at the beginning of the shot and helps mitigate channeling at the end, resulting in a sweeter, more balanced shot of espresso. Similar features are, generally, only seen in much more expensive machines, like the Slayer and La Marzocco espresso machines, putting the Lelit Bianca V3 in very good company.

Lelit Bianca V3 Espresso Machine Brewing Gauge

New Idle Modes

The Lelit Bianca V3 brings several new modes to the table for when your machine is idle, such as a new standby mode, eco mode, sleep mode, and an always on mode. The sleep mode is an incredibly handy feature for those who like to enjoy coffee throughout the day as it lowers both boiler temperatures, but doesn’t turn them off completely. Simply engage the machine, and you’ll be pulling shots again in a matter of minutes. As with the previous versions of the Bianca, the V3 still features dual PID controls, a large digital display, an integrated shot timer, a saturated E61 group head, and a cool-touch steam wand to help keep from burning yourself while making those early morning cappuccinos.


    Low-flow mode


    Cool touch steam wand


    Variable flow control


    Quick startup

More Features

Brew temperature offset

Large digital display

Dual PID

Integrated shot timer

Sleep/eco/always-on modes


Manufacturer: Lelit
Model: Bianca V3
Pump type: Rotary
Water reservoir: 2.5 liters
Steam boiler capacity: 1.5L
Coffee boiler capacity: 800mL
Dimensions WxHxD (inches): 11.5 x 15.75 x 19
Weight: 58.5 lbs

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