Litmus Coffee UFO Spray Head for Curtis Batch Brewers

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  • Litmus UFO Sprayhead for Curtis Batch Brewer, Front View
  • Litmus UFO Sprayhead for Curtis Batch Brewer, Angle View
  • Litmus UFO Sprayhead for Curtis Batch Brewer, Bottom View
  • Litmus UFO Sprayhead for Curtis Batch Brewer, Comparison View

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With a UFO Spray Head from Litmus Coffee Labs, you can boost your coffee's flavor while saving on coffee costs. This model is designed to fit Curtis G3 and G4 brewing systems.

Litmus Coffee Labs designed the UFO spray head to more evenly saturate the coffee bed in your Curtis brewer's basket. The stock spray head, according to Litmus's testing, tends to favor spraying the center of the brew basket, which can lead to uneven and inefficient extraction. With a UFO spray head, your coffee bed will be more evenly saturated throughout the brewing process thanks to a redesigned hole pattern that directs water for more full coverage.

In our testing, we saw between a 1-2% increase in extraction with the UFO compared to the stock spray head, and we were able to reduce our dry coffee dose up to 5-8 grams while maintaining excellent flavor quality. In a cafe setting, that reduction could lead to some serious savings: a reduction of 5 grams per batch could mean a reduction of 50 lbs or more per year of coffee costs!

The UFO Spray Head for Curtis brewers is compatible with most G3 and G4 brewing systems, with the exception of the Gold Cup Brewers and Seraphim. To install, simply unscrew your current OEM spray head, and screw the UFO spray head on in its place.

For installation and programming instructions please see the following PDF: UFO for Curtis Brewers User Guide.

What's in the Box

  • UFO Spray Head for Curtis Brewers


  • Improved water distribution inside your brew basket
  • Installs quickly with no hardware or tools needed
  • More efficient spray pattern can yield higher extractions
  • Save on coffee costs: great flavor using less coffee per batch
  • Made in the USA


Manufacturer: Litmus Coffee Labs
Model: UFO Sprayhead for Curtis Brewers
Material: Food-grade polysulfone
Length: 1.3"
Width: 1.3"
Height: 0.6"
Weight: 5 g
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