Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder

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  • Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder
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  • Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder
  • Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder
  • Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder
  • Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder
  • Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder
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  • Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Espresso Grinder


  • What's in the box

  • Mahlkönig E80 Supreme espresso grinder
  • 1,800-gram stadard hopper
  • Grinds catch tray
  • Product Manual
Mahlkonig E80 Supreme closeup

Peak Quality

The Mahlkönig E80 Supreme comes with 80 millimeter flat steel burrs engineered for impressive uniformity at the finest settings, following in the footsteps of the company's Peak espresso grinder that made waves at coffee events all the way back in 2015. These redesigned 80mm burrs are capable of grinding at 6 to 7 grams per second, producing a double espresso yield in around 3 seconds and cementing the E80 as the fastest espresso grinder in its class. Even at the elevated RPMs required for such speedy grinding, the internal temperature of the E80, including its burrs, is under control, which is an impactful update from the Peak. An active cooling system powered by two fans regulates the environment in the grind chamber, reducing thermal expansion that might otherwise interfere with grind size. The peak has been raised. Again.


Precision Grind Adjustment

The E80 Supreme features Mahlkönig's relatively new (see the E65GBW) Disc Distance Detection, which calculates and displays the physical distance between the burrs down to 0.001 millimeter (or 1 micron). This technology, aided by the fine-threaded stepless adjustment, makes it possible to dial in coffees by the micron instead of relying solely on the collar numbers, which may be difficult to reproduce across shifts and baristas. It also makes it possible to monitor the burr distance throughout the day or during a particularly busy service hour, adjusting accordingly to return exactly to that delicious extraction.


Quiet, Intuitive Operation

Mahlkönig has packaged this remarkable speed and consistency with some smaller but still special features, such as a 3.5 inch screen that displays the burr distance in microns and allows two grind times to be set and saved (and a third, manual grind time to be accessed), an illuminated, adjustable grinds chute that aids a centered dose in any standard portafilter basket and extremely quiet operation. All the technology that makes the E80 Supreme so special is hidden under the hood leaving a clean, intuitive display and dials for the barista to operate, making adjustments nearly as quick as the grinding.


    Quiet operation and ultra-fast grinding speeds around 6 to 7 grams per second


    Active internal cooling system maintains low grinding temperatures


    Disc Distance Detection telling you how far apart your burrs are to the 0.001 millimeter for improved grind setting consistency


    Adjustable illuminated grinds chute for center-distributed doses

More Features

Bright 3.5" high-resolution display with fast, intuitive controls

Limitless duty cycle for the world's busiest cafes

Precision dosing to within 0.1g

Supersized 80 mm flat steel burrs


Manufacturer: Mahlkönig
Model: E80 Supreme
Grind Adjustment: Stepless
Burr Type: Flat steel
Burr Size: 80 mm
Burr RPM: 1350/1650 (50/60hz)
Burr Speed: 6.7 g/sec
Duty Cycle: 6 cycles per minute - 3 seconds on, 3 seconds off
Hopper Capacity: 1800 g / 4 lbs
Dimensions: 9.5" W x 13.4" D x 24.8" H
Electrical: 110 volts 60 Hz
Weight: 33.5 lbs.
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Covered Through Prima
E80 Supreme Spec Sheet

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Warranty Information

1 year parts and labor warranty covered through Prima.
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