Mazzer Super Jolly V Up Timer Espresso Grinder

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  • Side view of the Mazzer Super Jolly V Up Timer (black)
  • Back side view of the Mazzer Super Jolly V Up Timer (silver)
  • Close up showing the front of the Mazzer Super Jolly V Up Timer (black)


A Refreshed Classic

One of the industry’s most trusted and ubiquitous low volume commercial espresso grinders has been dressed up to track with the pace of grinder design. The Super Jolly V Up Timer includes all the features familiar to baristas everywhere, but with some thoughtful additions to make the grinder look and perform better. Featuring an analog timer switch and a dosing can with a mechanical doser, the Super Jolly V Up Timer is an ideal espresso grinder for small cafes or coffee carts who dose grounds by volume. Simply fill the dosing can with grounds and pull the lever to quickly dispense between 5.5-8 grams of coffee per pull. Lending to its streamlined workflow is an integrated fixed tamper that allows the barista to pull ‘up’ to tamp the puck in just a few seconds following the dosing cycle.

Re-engineered 64mm Carbon Steel Burrs

The Super Jolly V Up Timer includes Mazzers new standard 233M 64mm burr set, designed to grind up to 20% faster than the original Super Jolly burrs, or around 3-4g per second. 64mm burr platforms are growing in popularity because of their compatibility with a wide variety of aftermarket burrs, like SSP High Uniformity Burrs, thanks in part to the demands of the home grinder market. This adds a measure of versatility not found in many commercial grinders, allowing a broad palate of flavor options simply by replacing the burrs.

The Perfect Single Origin Or Decaf Grinder

While low volume cafes or coffee carts may be well served by the modest power and speed of the Super Jolly V Up Timer, mid to high volume cafes will gain greater efficiency by utilizing a more powerful grinder, like the Mazzer Major V Automatic, for their primary espresso. Offering all the same grind quality and reliability needed at a fraction of the price, the Super Jolly V Up Timer is complementary to the Major V Automatic as a secondary grinder for infrequently ordered espressos like single origin options or decaf.

What's in the Box

  • Super Jolly grinder and hopper with lid
  • Grounds tray
  • Fixed tamper


  • 64mm flat steel burrs (233M Standard Burrs) 20% faster than the original burrs
  • Adjustable manual paddle doser dispenses pre-ground coffee at 5.5g-8g per pull
  • Analog timer switch to activate grind and fill dosing chamber
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Fixed tamper allows barista to quickly pull up to compress grounds in portafilter
  • 3-4 grams per second grind speed
  • Optional magnetic tag holder to display current coffee


Power 120V, 350W, 3 amps
RPM 1600 (60hz)
Materials Aluminum die cast body, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper and Plastic Parts
Weight 33lbs
Dimensions 23.5”H (with hopper) x 16 ¼” D (with tray), 9.5” W (with tray)
Burrs 64mm Steel
Hopper Capacity 2.4lbs
Origin Made in Italy
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Warranty Information

1 Year Parts and Labor Through Prima
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