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Mazzer Super Jolly Replacement Burrs

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Mazzer grinders are known for their grinding precision and durability, but even these heavyweights need their burrs replaced eventually. Quality burrs that are clean and sharp remove another cause for worry and get you even closer to enjoying the delicious coffee you've worked for. Moreover, these replacement burrs are pre-seasoned, so Mazzer's legendary grinding consistency can be expected right out of the box. OEM from Mazzer, these are for the Mazzer Super Jolly Dosered and Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic versions.


  • Flat steel replacement burrs for Mazzer's Super Jolly espresso grinder
  • Dimensions: 64mm outer x 37mm inner x 8.4mm width
  • The manufacturer rates these burrs for 880lbs.
  • Part number: 33D


In an age where companies are frequently cutting corners on build quality to save cost, a company like Mazzer is a rarity. Whenever espresso grinders are being discussed, and the focus turns to quality, reliability, and longevity, Mazzer is consistently a standard to which others are held. New companies and designs hit the market, but the question needing to be asked is, "Sure, it works well now, but is it going to last as long as a Mazzer?" Mazzer espresso grinders come in a variety of model variations (doser and electronic) and sizes ranging from the low-volume Mazzer Mini to the super-high volume Mazzer Robur. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail or give us a call if you need help deciding on the right one!

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Burrs are great - Prima service is super.

The burrs perform as expected, I’ve only run a kilo or so through them so they are still settling in. They came in a mazzer plastic bag, separated by a plastic disc. Prima coffee did an excellent job packing them so they wouldn’t move around in the shipping carton. Also, they were prompt to answer my questions about the burrs and shipped the same day I ordered - I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

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Received damaged burrs

They appear to be original burrs but were packed casually in a plastic bag that appeared very old. The bag was loosely thrown around in a big box. I was immediately suspicious as common sense dictate that 2 pieces of sharp metal if put into bag would grind against each other and damage themselves. So I inspected the sharp ends and they appeared jagged. Like knife hit against the metal. So, I kept them aside to return. Unfortunately, my wife installed them and put coffee through them without checking or telling me :-(. I am very unhappy that would send them to me in that condition.

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