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My Weigh SCW2000 Calibration Weight - 2000g

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This era of specialty coffee brewing calls for maximum precision. Home brewer and pro barista alike are no longer satisfied with estimates and approximations, but now add to their toolboxes scales, thermometers, and refractometers. Calibration weights complete the geek-out process by enabling the brew master to check the accuracy of his or her scale and make any necessary adjustments. Replicating a fantastic brew is entirely contingent on whether or not you're able to measure properly. Research how to calibrate your own scale, then consider whether or not My Weigh's calibration weights are what you need to dial in your method.



My Weigh

My Weigh is a scale manufacturer focused on producing quality scales for a wide range of markets. Known for their measuring accuracy and build quality, My Weigh scales and accessories offer a degree of reliability and longevity not found in most consumer scale manufacturers.
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