OptiPure QTPTCR10-1 Chloramine Reduction Post-Treatment Water Filter

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Optipure's QTPTCR10-1 chloramine reduction filter is a simple and effective assurance for your coffee and tea brewing equipment. Chloramine, a common disinfectant used in municipal water supplies, can have corrosive effects when in prolonged contact with rubber seals or other machine parts. The QTPTCR10-1 is a single-housing water treatment system with a Qwik-Twist 10″ cartridge that reduces chlorine and chloramine at a flow rate of 0.5 gpm. It is designed to act as a polishing filter on Reverse Osmosis to remove residual chloramine in water supplies. It works great at maintaining steam and combi ovens, espresso, hot water towers, and coffee brewers.

What's in the Box

  • Optipure QTPTCR10-1
    • Features

    • 0.5 GPM
    • Reduces sediment, chlorine, and chloramine
    • Designed for post-treatment chloramine reduction with reverse osmosis systems
    • 4,000 gallon cartridge lifespan
    • Utilizes Qwik-Twist cartridge that makes changing filter quick, easy, and sanitary.
    Manufacturer: OptiPure
    Model: QTPTCR10-1
    Width: 3.9 in.
    Depth: 3.9 in
    Height: 15.5 in.
    Weight: 7 pounds
    Connection - Inlet & Outlet:3/8" PTC
    Inlet Water Temp Range:35 degrees-100 degrees Fahrenheit
    Operating Pressure Range:10-125 psi
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