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Coffeetool Three In One Espresso Machine Cleaning Tool

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Pallo Coffee Tool
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Coffeetool is a smarter and more efficient tool for cleaning your espresso machine. This tool combines three tools into one practical and ergonomic design. The coffeetool made by Pallo includes replaceable bristles for cleaning the grouphead screen, a steam wand vent hole unclogger, and a detergent scoop for measuring out the appropriate amount of backflush detergent. This combines with the unique angled handle and water deflector fins to produce one helpful cleaning tool.

Pallo Coffeetool


Pallo is a company who has made a niche for themselves with their unique, yet incredibly practical coffee cleaning tools. Their most notable coffee cleaning accessory to date is the Coffeetool. The Coffeetool is an espresso machine cleaning tool that incorporates three much needed tools into one product: a brush for cleaning the grouphead, a needle for unclogging the steam wand holes, and a properly sized dosing scoop for adding cleaning detergent to your portafilter basket for routine backflush cleaning. We look forward to more must have espresso and coffee tools from Pallo.
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