Peak Water Hardness Test Strips

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A cup of coffee is made up of mostly water, so why is it one of the variables that is most often overlooked with home brewing? Careful consideration and precision is used when deciding the origin or roast of your beans, but when you bring it home, no matter how hard you try, you can never achieve quite the same results as your favorite café. That's because tap water can hinder the flavor considerably. By using the Peak Water Hardness Test Strips you can discover the parts per million of carbonate hardness or total alkalinity in a matter of seconds. You can compare your results to the provided comparison chart which aligns to a setting on the dial of the Peak Water Pitcher and filter your water according to its unique hardness.

The Peak Water Hardness Test Strips are available for individual purchase (packs of 2), and they are also included in the box with the Peak Water Pitcher.

What's in the Box

  • 2 hardness test strips
  • Color comparison chart


  • Tests water's total alkalinity or carbonate hardness in only seconds
  • Aligns with a specific setting on the Peak Water Pitcher
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