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Whether you roast coffee professionally or as a hobby, Scott Rao's The Coffee Roaster's Companion is a must-have reference on the subject. Rao's tome covers coffee roasting from theory through execution, backing up technique with scientific explanations that anyone can understand. Further, he cuts down some of the older roasting mythology with structured reasoning, establishing a new and progressive understanding of the complexities of roasting without injecting his own bias into the mix.

The Coffee Roaster's Companion is broken down into clear sections - for easy reference later on - from coffee chemistry and roasting theory, to the physical and chemical changes caused by roasting, external factors that might affect your coffee, how roasting machine design influences the roasting process, and finally into a step-by-step guide on how to roast coffee covering all the controls found on typical roasting equipment and how to utilize them to achieve your desired results. The topics covered are broad and detailed, but Rao's concise language makes it easy to devour the entire book in a single sitting and come back later to find exactly the paragraph you were looking for. The footnotes and references are imminently useful as well, allowing you to build a physical and digital library of resources if you so desire.

Hardcover, about 80 pages plus glossary and index. ISBN 978-1-4951-1819-7

  • A modern take on coffee roasting from start to finish
  • Thorough reference text on the subject of coffee roasting
  • Covers coffee chemistry, roasting philosophy, mechanics of roasters, and much more
  • Ideal as a reference guide for both professional and amateur coffee roasters
  • 80+ pages with concise explanations, useful charts, and a glossary of terms
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