Chemex and Reusable Kone Stainless Steel Filter

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Able KONE Stainless Steel Filter
Chemex Classic 6 Cup CM-6A


The Able Kone is a stainless steel filter designed to be used with the Chemex. We’ve paired these together for you in one very sweet bundle! Designed as a reusable alternative to paper filters, the metal Kone creates a cup with the brightness of a pour over, yet with the body and nuance of a Cafe Solo. The Able Kone and Chemex 6 Cup Classic Coffee Brewer make a for very beautiful gift. The filter is reusable and produces no waste. It is easy to clean. The Kone allows more of the coffee’s natural oils into the cup that paper would normally keep out and will not impart a paper taste to your brew. And the Kone and Chemex are both designed and manufactured in the United States!


  • The Able Kone is a reusable stainless steel coffee filter which fits with the included 6 cup (30oz) Chemex (as well as the 8 cup or 10 cup versions).
  • The Kone lets more natural oils into the brew than the paper Chemex filters and produces a nice heavy-bodied, nuanced cup of coffee.
  • The 3rd Version of the Kone has even more improved hole cuts includes a silicone wrap around the top of the Kone to protect it while knocking out the grounds.
  • The Kone is manufactured in the U.S. and its durable build is made to last. This makes the Kone a great investment, helping save cost on filters in the long run.
  • The Chemex 6 Cup Classic Coffee Brewer is convenient because it works as both your brewer and your coffee server.
  • The Chemex comes in the classic wood collar design.
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