Cupping Starter Kit

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Bundle Contents

6 x Ancap Cupping Bowl - 8.1oz
Rattleware Coffee Cupping Sample Tray, case of 12
2 x Espresso Supply Rattleware Cupping Spoon, Stainless Steel - 41080
Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter


Cupping is a valuable evaluation method for coffees, whether you're picking out unroasted coffee samples to buy or honing in on your ideal espresso roast. Our Cupping Starter Kit has all the tools you need to get cracking at cupping, with a set of high-quality porcelain bowls, a pair of stainless steel cupping spoons, sample trays, and a variable temperature kettle. Whether you're a home roaster, starting a roastery, or you simply want to learn the craft of cupping coffee, this kit is tailor made to get you started.

Kit includes:


  • Cup coffee samples at home with this starter kit
  • Durable standard-sized porcelain cupping bowls
  • Quality stainless steel cupping spoons
  • Sample trays for visually evaluating your roasts, flexible enough to pour samples into bags or a grinder
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