Kalita Wave Pour Over Setup

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  • Kalita Wave Pour Over Setup
  • Kalita Wave Pour Over Setup

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The Wave Series from Kalita is the newest player in the pour-over brewing game. Kalita Wave drippers feature flat-bottom geometry designed to encourage a more even extraction, less dependent upon pouring technique than cone-shaped counterparts. The Wave Series drippers feature a handsome design and a smaller learning curve for those new to manual coffee brewing. The Kalita bundle makes a great gift for the newbie just getting into manual, pour-over brewing, and the coffee geek wanting to add versatility to his or her collection!


  • Flat-bottom dripper encourages even saturation and consistent draining
  • Brew between 1-4 cups (up to 600-700 mL) per batch
  • Use a medium to medium-coarse grind and pour slowly for best results
  • Bundled server holds 500 mL and includes pour-through lid
  • Stainless steel dripper is more accident-proof than other materials
  • Makes a great gift for coffee enthusiasts!

Kalita Wave Dripper

  • The Kalita Wave Dripper is a pour-over coffee brewer whose flat bottom design allows for an easier brewing style than other pour-over brewers.
  • The 185 sized Wave Dripper in steel is a superb combination of batch size (1-4 cups) and durable material
  • The Kalita Wave filters included in this bundle feature an accordion design that pushes the filters away from the side of the dripper, allowing for more temperature stability and a quicker brew.
  • For more information, see our Kalita Wave Dripper listing.

Kalita Wave Server

Kalita Wave Filters

  • The Kalita Wave Filters will fit perfectly your dripper and help give the Wave Dripper part of its unique design and function.
  • Includes 100 Count of White Filters
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