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The Kalita line of drippers sold by Prima Coffee

The Kalita Family

The Kalita Wave Dripper is not the only piece of coffee brewing equipment poised to turn heads from Kalita. Along with necessary filters and a 300mL or 500 mL glass server, we are also offering the Kalita Wave Style Set and the Kalita Wave Pot Kettle.

The Kalita Wave Style set conveniently combines a glass Kalita Wave Dripper with a tall glass server that makes for a simplified and transparent brewing process. The Kalita Wave Pot Kettle, with its curved stainless steel body and wooden handle, is perhaps one of the most attractive kettles we’ve ever seen. The looks aren’t half of the Wave Pot Kettle’s appeal however, as the carefully crafted neck and spout provide optimal pour control. All of these members of the Kalita family give you the option to customize a style and combination of accessories that fits you best. You can find more information on these and other accessories at the bottom of this page.

Brewing with a Kalita System Pre Infusion PicturePicture of Kalita dripper brewing setupPicture of a brew using the Kalita pourover brewing systemPicture of final brew on the Kalita system
Glass Decanter and Glass Wave Dripper all in one.

The Kalita Wave Style Set

The Kalita Wave Style Set is as much a work of art as it is a coffee brewing device. The combination of the glass Wave Dripper and glass decanter exposes the entire brewing process and allows easy transfer of the coffee from the decanter to the cup. For more information or to order see here.

Kalita Wave Pot Kettle

The Kalita Wave Pot Kettle

It is hard to find a kettle crafted for pour over brewing. We’ve been carrying one of the only pour over kettles available in the Hario Buono Kettle , but the Kalita Wave Pot Kettle brings a new sense of craftmanship, style, and pour control to the category. With its heavier composition and carefully crafted pour spout, the Wave Pot Kettle ensures an upgrade in temperature stability and pour control. For more information or to order see here.

4 Cup Kalita Glass Server

The Kalita Glass Server - 300mL or 500mL

The 300mL and 500 mL Kalita Glass servers fits both the 155 (Small) Wave Dripper and the 185 (Large) Wave dripper. It does its job and does it in style. For more information or to order see here.

Kalita Wave Filters

The Kalita Wave Filters

The Wave Filters are part of the brilliance of the Wave Dripper’s design. The filters suspend themselves in the dripper and should help aid in temperature stability. For more information or to order see here.



Brew Method: Pour Over

Side Image of Kalita Wave


The Kalita Wave implements a chopped-cone shape with a flat bottom. At the bottom of the wave drippers (Ceramic and Stainless) there are three triangulated holes that are connected by a raised edge that helps keep the filter from suctioning flush against the bottom. The Wave filters create a wedge against the edge of the dripper helping promote temperature stability.


Rinse the filter out with hot water, pouring direcly in the middle until the water reaches near the top of the filter and then allowing it to drain out. We then recommend pouring just enough water to wet the coffee ground and letting it sit for 30-45 seconds (or until the coffee bloom deflates). At this point begin pouring slowly in concentric circles until the water volume is near the top (don't pour too close to the filter).Once the dripper is full let it drain out for 10-20 seconds. At this point continue the fill and drain process until you have reached the water volume desired. For beginning brewing parameters we recommend: ~ 6 grams of coffee per 100 milliliters of water (medium grind), 42g/700mL in a 185 size, 24g/400mL in a 155 size, ~205° water temperature, and a 3-3:30 minute total brew time.


The design of the Kalita Wave leaves a lot more margin for error than other pour over brewers as the flat-bottom does not necessitate as careful of a pouring technique. As with other pour over brewing methods the Kalita is quick (2-4 minutes) and easy to clean up.

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