Hario V60 Pour Over Setup

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Bundle Contents

Hario V60 Filters for the 02 Dripper - White Paper - Pack of 100 (Tabbed)
Hario V60 02 Glass w Black Base VDG-02B
Hario V60 600 ml Range Server


The Hario V60 brewing line has probably been the most popular choice for pour-over coffee brewing over the last couple of years. The V60 features a cone-shaped design with a larger hole, and ridges. Throw in a thin paper filter and you have a brew method that encourages a finer grind and shorter brew time, producing a bright and clean cup. The V60 is an ideal gift for those wanting to brew excellent coffee daily for 1-4 people!

Hario V60 Features:

  • Conical brewer with ridges along the inner wall which allow coffee to exit out of both the bottom and the sides of the dripper, providing an even brew.
  • The V60 02 Dripper can make coffee for 1-4 people, just adjust grind size and recipe as needed.
  • Thin, cone-shaped paper filters minimize any paper taste in the brewed coffee.
  • For more information on the included filters, please see our Hario V60 Filters for the 02 Dripper - White Paper - Pack of 100 listing (Natural filters shown in image).
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe (remove plastic base on the glass dripper before washing in dishwasher).
  • Size & Style: Hario V60 02 Glass Coffee Dripper with Black Base (Red Base is shown in image).
  • For more information, please see our Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Size 02 listing.

Hario Range Server Features:

  • Heat-resistant glass with 600 mL capacity.
  • Black plastic handle and lid.
  • Entire coffee server is microwave-safe.
  • For more information, please see our Hario V60 600 ml Range Server listing.
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