The Coffee Brewer's Logbook

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Log Every Brew in Your Coffee Journey

The Coffee Brewer's Logbook, inspired by the logbooks of pilots and ship captains, is a physical space to record hundreds of brews and espressos for sharing and/or for recalling the best and worst of a year's coffees. Brothers Jeff and Jay Sublett designed it with three objectives in mind: be enjoyable, be helpful, and be beautiful. The end result, which meets all three of those requirements, has a foil-stamped illustration on its durable black cover and a ribbon bookmark sewn directly into the binding, giving it the look of a book from the past. Reminiscent of a captain's log in both shape (wider than it is tall) and purpose (recording the details of every journey), the inside holds 80 pages with designated lines for filling in the particulars from the coffee (region, roast level, and processing) to the method (grind, water temperature, dose, yield, time, and notes). The Coffee Brewer's Logbook is made in the USA.

What's in the Box

  • The Coffee Brewer's Logbook


  • Hand-stitched
  • Foil-stamped illustration and text
  • Over 80 pages for recording brew information
  • Ribbon bookmark in the binding
  • Made in the USA
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