Coffee Bags with One-way Valve (Pack of 10)

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The coffee connoisseur has many enemies. Oxygen, moisture, time, and a frenzy of other forces are relentless in their affront against the bean, and home roasters and shop owners alike have to be prepared. These valve bags offer a storage solution that delays the threat of nature and keeps coffee fresh for as long as possible. The one-way valve allows roasted beans to degas while limiting the coffee's contact with oxygen, maximizing freshness and flavor. Both options, black plastic and natural paper, are lined with foil and can be purchased in multiples of ten. Available in 8- and 16-ounce capacities.

Model: Valve-8N Valve-16N Valve-8B Valve-16B
Length: 9" 11.25" 9" 11.25"
Width: 6" 7" 6" 7"
Capacity: 8 oz 16 oz 8 oz 16 oz
Material: Natural Kraft Paper. Natural Kraft Paper Black Plastic w/ Clear Window Black Plastic w/ Clear Window
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