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What I Know About Running Coffee Shops Book

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Colin Harmon knows a few things about running coffee shops. He's owned and opened four himself since 2009, grown his business into an acclaimed stop for specialty coffee in Dublin, and he himself has become a noteworthy coffee professional. 3fe - or Third Floor Espresso if you prefer - is a name many coffee professionals will recognize, and it understandably carries some admiration. The spaces are inviting, the coffee is delicious, and the experiences are memorable. And that, in short, is why you should consider Colin's advice when it comes to running a coffee shop. What I Know About Running Coffee Shops is not a step-by-step guide for getting started, but rather a compendium of practical advice and anecdotes from somebody who has been there before, made some mistakes, but come out successful at the other end.

Each chapter is short and easy to digest, but nonetheless useful for a potential or current coffee shop owner. Inside, you'll find advice for breaking down and managing costs, marketing your business to your customers, as well as advice on finding perspective as a business owner, understanding and growing from your missteps, and the importance of keeping a clean bathroom. Whether you've never before worked in a coffee shop or you already own a few of your own, you're likely to find something in Colin's words that surprises you, reinforces something you've been thinking about, or reveals something you've overlooked. If you work in coffee or are considering working in coffee at any level, WIKARCS is an indispensable addition to your coffee library.

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