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A Big Step Forward For Breville

Before this tamper came along, Breville home espresso machine owners were relegated to inferior tamping and, as a result, inferior espresso shots. The Breville BigStep tamper, a lighter and smaller (in the base) version of Pullman's classic BigStep tamper, brings edge-to-edge coverage to the Breville experience. The 53.40mm base compacts every square millimeter of the coffee in the basket, delivering a precision that reduces channeling, especially those pesky donut shots wherein the outside of the puck extracts more quickly than the center (and the coffee tastes sour), and promotes even extractions. A tapered step at the base eliminates the suction effect, so pucks remain intact when the tamper is removed, making dislodged and fractured pucks (and thus the need to re-grind and re-tamp) a pet peeve of the past. The BigStep base is 316 stainless steel, which is plenty hardy enough for the home baristas; the black handle is anodized aluminum; and the grip above the base is rubber. Like all Pullman tampers, this one comes with spacers to adjust the height of the handle, so with a little experimenting, it will fit perfectly and comfortably in any palm.

What's in the Box

  • BigStep Breville tamper base
  • Pullman tamper handle
  • 3 spacers (8mm, 5mm, 2mm)
  • Manual


  • Precision tamping for Breville baskets
  • BigStep anti-vacuum base
  • Adjustable height
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Premium materials
  • Made in Australia


Model: Pullman Breville BigStep Tamper
Height: 3.5 in. (adjustable with spacers)
Base Diameter: 53.40 mm
Base Style: Flat
Weight: 355 g / 12.5 oz.
Materials: Stainless steel, rubber, aluminum
Compatible with: Breville BES 810, 840, 860, 870, 878, 880, Express, BES 500, Bambino, Barista Pro, Infuser
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