PuqPress M5 For Mahlkonig E80 Supreme & E80S GbW

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  • Puqpress M5 tamper accessories and cable


  • What's in the Box

  • Puqpress M5 (58.3mm piston)
  • Power cable
  • Allen key (4mm)
  • T-wrench (10mm)
  • Manual
  • Quick Start guide
Portafilter in Puqpress M5

Evolving with the Industry

A few years ago, Puqpress solved one of the cafe's greatest problems—sore wrists, arms, and shoulders that resulted from tamping repeatedly, incorrectly even. Then the company went on to solve the problem of space, putting an electronic tamper under popular espresso grinders like the Peak and Mythos II, and now, with the release of the M5, the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme (and E80 GBW). The M5 fits seamlessly under the imposing grinder, saving precious room on bar that might otherwise be taken up with a stand-alone Puqpress or a combination of accessories (e.g., tamping mat and tampers). The M5 streamlines the puck preparation process from dose to tamp, which is now achievable, quite impressively, in fewer than 5 seconds (~3s for grinding and ~1.5 for tamping). Despite its low profile, the M5 is chock full of all the benefits expected from a Puqpress: consistent, level tamping, and myriad choices for tamping style (5 programs) and pressure (11-66 lbs.).


A Program for Every Pressure and Style

While the M5 can deliver a professional double-tamp in an impressive 1.5 seconds on the default program, it can also deliver four other tamping styles, including single, triple, and gentle tamps, and even a unique tamp in which the piston slowly retreats to minimize the chance of disturbing the puck. In addition to styles, the M5 allows the adjustment of tamping pressures, from 11 to 66 pounds, depending on the program, which means dozens of style and pressure combinations are available. Toggling from one pressure to another is as simple as touching the plus or minus buttons; and toggling between programs is as simple as holding the set button for a few seconds and then using the plus and minus buttons to scroll. Beyond pressures and profiles, a cleaning program, accessible with the push of a button, slowly lowers and raises the piston to allow baristas to clear away any coffee grounds that may have accumulated during normal operation and are causing unpolished pucks.

Wide view of the M5 on E80S

Quick Setup, Intuitive Operation

Like Puqpress' previous under-grinder models, the M5 was designed with the footprint and contours of its companion grinder in mind. Once in place, then, the two independent pieces from different manufacturers coalesce and look as if they were fashioned as one. As such, setup is a cinch. The E80's front feet slide into grooves on the M5's top plate and its power cable runs through a cavity in the center and out the back of the M5. The final step before operation is setting the portafilter fork height, which can be done quickly with the included T-wrench (10mm). Puqpress has also included an Allen key (4mm), which is used to remove the piston for cleaning, and a manual, which is useful but not entirely necessary given the M5's intuitive interface.

  • weight icon

    Adjustable Tamping Pressure

  • stepped icon

    5 Tamping Programs

  • washer icon

    Easy Cleaning Function

  • precise icon

    Consistently Precise Tamping

More Features

Tools Included

Intuitive Operation

Fits the E80S

Easy Clamp Adjustment

2-Year Warranty


Height:5.51 in.
Width:9.17 in.
Depth:13.3 in.
Weight:12.13 lbs.
Power:72 W
Tamper:58.3 mm

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