Rhino Coffee Gear Double-Spouted Shot Pitcher 3oz

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A shot glass is just a shot glass, right? The Rhino Coffee Gear double-spouted shot pitcher says otherwise.

Boasting a thick, all glass construction, a handle, and not one but two pouring spouts, the Rhino Coffee Gear shot pitcher is designed to improve bar workflow. The two spout design not only allows you to pour with whichever hand you desire, but it also helps eliminate that annoying dribble that runs down your shot glass after you pour into a cup or mug.


  • 2 pouring spouts
  • 1 glass handle (between spouts)
  • 3 oz total capacity
  • Graduated volume indicators (ounces and milliliters)
  • All glass construction


Product: Double-Spouted Shot Pitcher
Capacity: 3 oz
Glass Thickness: ⅛ in.
Height: 2 ⅜ in.
Bottom Diameter: 1 ⅞ in.
Top Diameter (without spouts): 2 ⅜ in.
Weight (empty): 105 g
4.25 stars, based on 4 reviews

Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/14/2020 4:40:58 AM

5 / 5 stars

Buy it

It’s definitely worth getting to measure perfect 2oz shots and the double spouts minimize spillage or espresso running down the side of the glass!

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

8/1/2020 7:14:42 PM

5 / 5 stars

Great shot glass

Love the quality of this shot glass it has two spouts for easy pouring and very clear print for easy measurements

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/10/2020 3:32:05 AM

2 / 5 stars

Sadly not worth it

Poor build quality and the coffee does not flow nicely out of the spouts (drips easily on the side of the cup) which was the main reason I bought this.

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Verified Reviewer

7/30/2020 9:12:34 PM

5 / 5 stars

Great for manual espresso makers

This double spouted shot pitcher has been great for pulling shots of espresso at home. The measurements on the side are a lifesaver for someone on a budget. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy scale that displays brew time and weight I can use this pitcher to measure my output (1oz = 1 shot) while using my phone for a stopwatch. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks with hand washing. I expect that with good care the measurement markers will not fade for quite some time.

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