Rhino Coffee Gear Square Knock Chute

  • Rhino Coffee Gear Knock Chute on a white background.
  • Close up of the Rhino Coffee Gear Knock Chute on a white background.


Knock boxes are an essential item for any espresso bar, allowing you to easily remove the spent coffee puck from your portafilter. And if you've ever tried using a knock box with a flat bottom in a busy cafe, you know how often you have to dump the grounds. It gets old. It affects workflow. In comes the Rhino Coffee Gear knock chute, allowing a direct passage through the counter to a larger grounds bin--this could be a 5-gallon bucket or even a purple sand pail. With its knock bar welded to the sides, this chute is strong and secure, maybe even as strong as a rhino. And the easily replaceable rubber sleeve around the box both protects the bar and the barista and reduces noise.

Height: 110mm
Width: 140mm
Depth: 150mm
Material: 304 grade stainless steel

We recommend using the actual product as a template for exact measurements before cutting into your bar or counter.

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