Sibarist FAST Filters for Hario V60 01/02

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New Possibilites For Extraction

When brewing coffee you might think critically about your brewer, grinder, water, and technique, but how often do you consider the impact your filter makes? The Sibarist FAST filter for the V60 02 and the Origami Dripper is here to prove that not only are all paper filters not created equal, but that a seemingly small update to your setup can result in major differences in the cup. Offering fast flow rates, all organic materials, and minimal effect on cup flavor, the FAST filter is made to take your pour over routine to places it's never been before.

A Cleaner, Brighter Cup

Sibarist's first intention was to provide new possibilities for coffee extraction outside of the typical conical pour over brew. What they ended up creating is a highly permeable filter with brew times measuring 27%-40% faster than a typical V60 filter, opening up a world of new approaches to brewing that you can explore with room to adjust other variables like grind size and ratio to see how that higher-velocity flow impacts extractions. This is all amplified by the minimal flavor imparted by the filters, making those cup characteristics burst with clarity. That minimal flavor impact is kept pure as well by FAST's resealable packaging, ensuring no flavor or aroma taints get mingled with your filters.

Sustainably Sourced

In developing a high quality paper filter Sibarist sought out high quality raw materials and made sure to make the best of them. Using Abaca fiber, European Pine cellulose, and vegetable-derived PLA (polylactic acid), these filters are 100% organic and carry a focus on traceability throughout the whole process. While the materials are sourced from various places around the world, all of the processing and manufacturing happens in Barcelona so that Sibarist can oversee the process and ensure uniformity and quality in every batch, giving you a product that you can rely on time and time again to give you the best brews you can muster. Dive in and see just how much difference a paper filter can make.

What's in the Box

  • 25, 50, or 100 V60 02 sized Sibarist Fast filters


  • Made for use with Hario V60 drippers or Origami Dripper
  • 100% organic fibers
  • High permeability for fast flow rates
  • Resealable packaging to prevent flavor or odor contamination
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