Slayer Quartz-coated Dispersion Screen

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  • Slayer Teflon-Coated Dispersion Screen


These quartz-coated dispersion screens are now standard in all new Slayer espresso machines. They are designed for optimally even distribution of water through the puck, with an interior surface pattern and coating that facilitate beading of water droplets across the entire screen. The quartz coating also makes them easier to clean, often only requiring a plain water backflush and a soft cloth to wipe away coffee debris (see note below about cleaning). They are sized to fit Slayer V3 groups, but will fit other 58 mm groups as well, including La Marzocco - see Features tab for product dimensions.

Important: Because these screens are coated, their cleaning requirements are different from standard stainless steel screens. Avoid the use of abrasives and detergents with these screens. Backflush with plain water only, and wipe with a soft cloth to remove coffee residue. Remove the screens before performing a detergent backflush on your machine. Soak screens in plain hot water only. If the coating should begin to flake or wear away, discontinue use and replace the affected screen.


  • Precision design and quartz coating promote even water beading over entire screen surface
  • Designed for optimal wetting and extraction of espresso pucks
  • Quartz coating makes for easy cleaning - just wet and wipe
  • Do not use with detergents or abrasives
  • Sized to fit Slayer V3 groups, will fit other 58 mm commercial groups - see dimensions


  • Outer diameter: 56.92 mm
  • Inner diameter: 55.61 mm
  • Depth: 6 mm
  • Shower screw size: 7 mm
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