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Third Wave Water - 10 Capsule Pack

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Third Wave Water's patent-pending formula is designed to turn a gallon of distilled water into the perfect water for brewing your favorite coffees. It's based on the popular SCAA-approved water standards, with a focus on optimized flavor for "third wave" style beans.


In case you weren't aware, your brewed coffee is 98% water. So it's hardly a stretch to say that what's in your water might matter where good flavor is concerned. But without a Ph.D in chemistry, some of the guides and recipes for brewing water can be downright difficult to absorb. That's where folks like Third Wave Water come in.

It's simple, really: Third Wave Water presents a solution (pun intended!) to brewing better at home, in case your water quality is iffy, variable, or just not up to snuff and ruining your coffee. Plus, if you want your coffee to taste the same when traveling, you can just bring a capsule or two along with you to use the same exact water you'd have back at home. Third Wave Water's mineral capsules will each treat one gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water, creating water that's balanced to a standard spec and designed to make your favorite coffees shine. We've become fast fans of their formula, but you don't have to take our word for it - 3 of the top 6 Brewers Cup finalists at Coffeechamps Knoxville used Third Wave Water for their brews!

Each capsule contains a blend of magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate, and sodium chloride. Simply add the contents of a capsule to a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water, shake to dissolve, and you're ready to brew! Please note: our stock of Third Wave Water is currently the pre-production formula and packaging, and may be subject to change following their Kickstarter campaign. We do not currently recommend Third Wave Water for use in espresso machines.


  • Contains 10 capsules. Each treats 1 gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water
  • Just add one capsule to 1 gallon of water, shake to dissolve, and brew
  • Designed for ideal flavor balance and standardized water specs
  • Optimized for brewed coffee - not recommended for use in espresso machines
  • Patent-pending formula contains magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate, and sodium chloride

Third Wave Water

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5 / 5 stars

Third wave

When I first saw third wave and read into it I was skeptical. I didn't see how adding minerals could inhance the flavor of coffee. So I decided to give it a try. I did a chemex control test with regular filtered water and, then made another with the third wave added. Sure enough the one that had third wave in it brought out the clarity of the flavors.

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5 / 5 stars

A world of difference!

Absolutely loving the taste these capsules provide. No more hassle in getting good water!

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Too Salty

Seems like really nice people so I feel a little guilty writing a negative review. I don't use salt. So anything that is a little salty that I might eat in restaurant or already cooked food usually is too strong for me. The capsules were added to distilled water and used in a press pot. The flavor appeared off; it was brighter and a little "syrupy" and salty. I then made another cup, holding everything constant except I used tap water and the taste was much me. Others may find a different sensation; or have been using a different source of water. I also purchased Third Wave's Espresso pack, which doesn't have sodium chloride in it; instead using potasium bicarbinate, which I purchased directly from them, as Prima wasn't carrying it yet. Will see what that does to espresso.

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