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  • What's in the Box

  • Timemore Grinder Go Advanced
  • Two 800mAh USB-C Li-Ion Batteries
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Brush
Using the Timemore Grinder Go Advanced

Dependable & Convenient

Timemore has been building a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products with a strong focus on affordability, and the bar has been raised once again with the Grinder Go Advanced. Offering the same, reliable particle uniformity that has come to be expected of Timemore, the Go Advanced provides the convenience of battery operation in a quiet, compact package. Keep it plugged in on your countertop for a hands-free grinding experience in the morning, or pack it in the included carrying case for consistently satisfying coffee wherever you go.

Ground Coffee in the Grounds Catch

Consistency Is Key

The Grinder Go Advanced is fitted with the newly designed E&B Burrs which feature what Timemore is calling the S2C (Spike-to-Cut) principle. These burrs, designed and manufactured by Timemore, allow for secondary cutting during grinding. Coupled with a dual bearing stabilization system, a more consistent particle uniformity is achieved, resulting in a cleaner brew. To further aid in grind consistency, the burrs rotate at a mere 80 RPM, mitigating pesky fines that might otherwise muddle, or worse, clog your brews, and the titanium coating ensures a longer lifespan than standard, stainless steel burrs found in many other grinders.

Emptying the Grounds Catch

Advanced Technologies

Perhaps one of the most intriguing characteristic of the Grinder Go Advanced is its Smart Auto-Swing Technology. This feature detects any possible obstruction and prompting the burrs to rotate back and forth before returning to normal, forward rotation, loosening any material such as lightly-roasted, dense beans that might cause the burrs to slow. This is a clever and practical quality when grinding for finer applications like a Moka pot or the Aeropress. It's undeniable that Timemore has taken the best aspects of both manual and electric grinders to make your daily brewing routine as pleasant and efficient as possible with the Grinder Go Advanced.


    38mm Titanium-Coated E&B Burrs


    Stepped Grind Adjustment


    400g of Ground Coffee Per Charge


    Wide Range of Grind Sizes

More Features

Auto-Off Feature After 10 Seconds

Integrated Anti-Clogging System

Dual Bearings & Fixed Shaft For Even Grinds

2 800mAh USB-C Rechargeable Batteries Included

Comes With Convenient Carrying Case


Manufacturer: Timemore
Model: Grinder Go Advanced
Burrs: 38mm Titanium-Coated Conical
Capacity: 60g
Duty Cycle: 400g/Charge
Height: 8.8"
Diameter: 3.4"
Power: 20W
Voltage: 7.4V/DC
Materials: PCTG & ABS Plastic, Glass, Stainless Steel

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