Timemore Chestnut C3S Manual Coffee Grinder

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  • Timemore C3S Manual Coffee Grinder
  • Timemore C3S Manual Coffee Grinder
  • S2C 660 Conical Steel Burr Set
  • Timemore C3S Manual Coffee Grinder
  • Timemore C3S Manual Coffee Grinder

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  • Timemore C3S Manual Coffee Grinder
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Timemore C3S Manual Coffee Grinder

Timemore's Best Grinder To Date

The Timemore C3S represents the evolution of the popular Timemore C2, a customer favorite cherished for its superb value and grind quality. Taking a significant leap forward, the C3S introduces upgraded burrs, a sturdy aluminum body reinforced with robust bracing, and an expanded grind range covering espresso to French press—all of this at a remarkable price point under $100. Whether you're in pursuit of an economical hand grinder to complement your pour-over or manual espresso setup, the C3S (brew-focused) and C3 ESP (espresso-focused) stand out as our top picks.

S2C 660 Conical Steel Burr Set

Multi-purpose Use

What distinguishes the C3S and C3 ESP from the C2 is their versatility. Equipped with Timemore's S2C 660 burr set, these grinders are crafted to handle the entire spectrum of grind sizes, from ultra-fine to coarser grinds suitable for any brewing method. However, a notable distinction arises between the C3S and C3 ESP in terms of their grind adjustments. The C3S provides around 35 usable steps of grind adjustment, where each click induces a more substantial change in grind size compared to the C3 ESP. On the other hand, the C3 ESP boasts approximately 100 usable grind settings, making it an ideal choice for making minute adjustments needed for espresso preparation. The C3S excels in facilitating quick and efficient grind size changes for pour-over or immersion methods.

Timemore C2S Manual Coffee Grinder

Upgraded Build Quality

Perhaps the most important upgrade present in the C3S and C3 ESP is its plastic-free body, now milled from a single piece of aluminum. The outer body and bracing for the axle are all one piece, improving stability and alignment of the cone burr, and further adding to the durability of this handy little grinder. This level of build quality is normally only found in grinders more than twice the price of the C3S, which truly makes this grinder the best value on the market.

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    1-Piece Milled Aluminum Body and Bracing

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    S2C 660 38mm Conical Burr Offers Exceptional Grind Quality

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    Espresso and Filter Capable

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    Stepped Grind Adjustment

More Features

Textured body for easy grip

Fast grinding

Fixed handle

One-touch Operation and Automatic Shutoff

Threaded grounds catch


Manufacturer: Timemore
Model: C3S
Manufacturer Origin China
Dimensions Dimensions: 147mm H, 57mm D, 530g, Handle: 159mm
Capacity 20-25g
Grind Settings 35 (Turkish to Cold brew+)
Materials Aluminum, Steel, Silicone
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Warranty Information

1 year warranty covered by Prima
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