Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2 Coffee and Espresso Scale

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  • Timemore Black Mirror Coffee and Espresso Scale Top Front
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  • What's in the box

  • Black Mirror Basic 2 Coffee and Espresso Scale
  • Silicone head pad
  • USB to USB-C charging cable
  • Owners manual
  • Warranty Card
timemore black mirror scale

Updates in the Basic 2

The Black Mirror Basic 2 brings several updates to the already superb Black Mirror Basic Plus. First, the Basic 2 includes an On/Off switch that prevents the scale from accidentally being turned on when weight is detected. Second, a new internal structure brings more reliable measurements and faster responsiveness. Most importantly, the Basic 2 adds flow rate tracking per second, as well as an ounces mode. Tired of having to look around for the power and time buttons? The Basic 2 now has texturized buttons, ensuring accurate presses regardless of orientation. Lastly, the Basic Plus includes an auto timer function that automatically begins timing when weight is detected.

timemore black mirror scale

Precise Measurements, Lightning Fast Speeds

Effective brewing scales don't have many requirements, so it's the execution on those requirements that really sets the great options apart from the rest of the pack. The Timemore Basic 2 Scale has everything you need for coffee and espresso accuracy to 0.1 gram, a large capacity at 2 kilos, incredibly quick weighing response times, a silicone heat pad to protect your gear, and a built-in timer for tracking your extraction making it a fully-loaded brew scale without overcomplicating the process with additional features to be left by the wayside. Partner all of that with a rechargeable battery and a one year warranty and this scale has to be a top contender for the newest scale to grace your countertop.

Timemore Black Mirror Scale

Beautiful Simplicity

This scale exudes simplicity in a truly satisfying way. It starts with the clean design you see before even turning the scale on, a clean matte black finish top gives the impression of carved slate on your countertop. The only two buttons on the surface, for power/tare and timer operation, are hidden below that matte surface, glowing brightly only when the scale is up and running. The simplicity continues through into your user experience as well. The power button will turn on or tare out the scale with a click and turn the power off with a long press. And you can even rely on the auto-off function, which will turn the scale off to save power after 3 minutes of total inactivity or 15 minutes of inactivity with the timer on, if you wander off with your coffee before remembering to long press that power button.

  • precision icon

    0.1 gram resolution

  • weight icon

    2 kg capacity

  • rpm icon

    Lightning fast response time

  • charger icon

    USB-C charging cable included

More Features

Great for travel

Minimalist aesthetic design

Built-in timer

LED backlight

Auto-off function


Model: Timemore Black Mirror Coffee and Espresso Scale Basic 2
Product Dimensions: 130 mm x 152 mm x 26mm (W x L x H)
Weight: 420g/0.92lbs w/ silicone pad
Weighing Resolution: 0.1 g
Weighing Max: 2 kg
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion
Charging Port: USB-C
Warranty: 1 Year with Prima

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