Video Overview | Timemore NANO Plus Manual Grinder

Video Overview | Timemore NANO Plus Manual Grinder

Jan 15th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

Some hand grinders focus on portability, others on grind quality, and others still on user-friendly design, but very few if any successfully bring together these three characteristics as effectively as the Timemore NANO Plus hand grinder.


Timemore NANO Plus

Full grind range with stepped adjustment

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Hey. I'm Steve with Prima Coffee, and today, we're going to take a look at the Nano Plus from Timemore.The Nano Plus is the same package, it's the same body and parts as the Chestnut Nano that Timemore had previously released. The only thing that's going to change here is going to be the burr set. So on the original Chestnut, you had your choice of burrs. You could choose the stainless steel burrs for brewing coffee or the titanium-coated stainless steel burrs for espresso. And so, what Timemore did here in the Plus models is they decided that they wanted to make a burr set that could do both espresso and brewing. And so, they made this E&B, so espresso and brewing, burr set that has these little teeth here on the breakers. And those teeth we think are the reason why it allows the grinder to feed really efficiently down in those finer ranges. And what we find here with these E&B burrs is that they operate pretty similar to both of these. You don't lose any of the quality in the mid-range and you still get enough fines and you're able to grind really efficiently down in the fine range as well.

So the materials, like I said, are the same as on that original Chestnut Nano. You have that black walnut pommel here that is magnetic, so you can take it off, this collapsible handle, you have this unibody aluminum design for the body. So it has those two supports and the grinds catch as well. The parts that matter there on the inside, so your axle and your dual bearings, your washers, that's all going to be stainless steel. The hopper here on the Nano Plus can fit about 18 grams. So Timemore will tell you 15 grams which is true, it does depend of course on the density of the coffee that you're using. Here's 18 grams and just to give you kind of an idea of what that looks like. All the way up to the top there but still enough room to fit the lid on so that you can grind which is important. To adjust the grind here, just like on all Timemore grinders, there is a stepped grind adjustment under that center burr. When you turn it to the right, you will fine the grind, and when you turn it to the left, you will coarsen the grind.

And so, what you do is you take it all the way down to 0, so turn it clockwise all the way down to its stopping point and that's when the burrs are touching. And then, from there, you can back it off to find your preferred grind setting. We are recommending that you go to 8 as a starting point for espresso, and then 15 as a starting point for, you know, getting into pour overs and things like that. So let's take it to 8 here. And then, I want to show you the sort of how long it takes to grind. So this is, again, 18 grams of coffee here, and with the E&B burrs, it's really efficient. So it's only taking about 45 seconds to grind 18 grams at the 8 setting for espresso and just to kind of give you an idea of what that looks like. So the Nano Plus just like the Slim Plus has this knurling design here on the outside of the body which makes it really easy to grip. It's sort of much like a barbell if you've ever done that. Alright. So that's, yeah, about 45 seconds there to grind. Let me just kind of show you what we have. You can see there that the grinds catch is full, so you can't really do much more than 18 grams, it's what fits into the hopper and that's really what fits in here to the grinds catch. You can see there that that is your espresso grind. The Nano is going to be really great, well, for travel because it's only about 5 inches tall here and less than 2 inches in diameter, but also great for your single servings or your V60 01 or your Kalita Wave 155 and your espresso, again, up to 18 grams.

So the Nano Plus comes with a couple of accessories just like the original. It has this brush to clear away any of that retention that you're going to see under that bottom burr, and it comes with this canvas bag for travel. So like we said before, the Nano is sort of the perfect size for travel. It fits nicely into this bag here without even taking off the handle. So that is the Nano plus from Timemore. It is the sort of perfect size to take on the go. It has those new updated burrs that allow you to do espresso or brewing coffee for pretty much any method, and it has this nice, sleek design. You can find it online at

Jan 15th 2021 Reagan Jones

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