Biocaf Milk Frother Cleaning Liquid

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The Biocaf Milk Frother Cleaning Liquid is a dairy cleaner specifically formulated to break down milk protein build up. This environmentally friendly cleaning solution is designed to help clean automatic frothing devices, steam wands, and steaming pitchers. The Biocaf brand is completely phosphate free and all ingredients are renewable, sustainable, and natural.


  • This cleaner breaks down milk protein build up, helping to keep frothers, steam wands/tips, and milk pitchers clean.
  • Size: 32 oz (1L)


Auto Frothing Devices:

    1. Dissolve 1oz (30ml) of cleaning liquid in 32oz (1L) of water.
    2. Insert frothing pick-up tube into solution and activate cleaning cycle.
    3. After all solution has traveled through milk lines, repeat process two times with fresh water.

Steam Wands:

    1. Using your steaming pitcher, create a solution with ratio of 1oz (30ml) of cleaning liquid for 32oz (1L) of water.
    2. Insert steam wand and steam as if you were steaming milk.
    3. Allow wand to soak in solution for 5 minutes.
    4. Empty steaming pitcher and repeat with water to rinse.

Milk Vessels:

    1. Create a solution with ratio of 1oz (30ml) of cleaning liquid for 32oz (1L) of hot water in vessel to be cleaned.
    2. Replace lid to contain solution. Allow solution to soak while stirring or swirling.
    3. Pour out through spout.
    4. Repeat process with fresh water to rinse.
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