Biocaf Grinder Cleaner - 430g

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  • Biocaf Grinder Cleaner - 430g
  • Biocaf Grinder Cleaner - 430g
  • Full Circle Grinder Cleaner Tablets

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The Biocaf Grinder Cleaner is a powerfully effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution for your coffee or espresso grinder. Similar to Urnex's Grindz, the Biocaf grinder cleaning tablets were created by Urnex and are phosphate free with all ingredients being renewable, sustainable, and naturally occuring. Every jar is made from recycled packaging with a digitally printed label.

biocaf and baratza sette


  • Simple to use, just as easy as easy grinding beans
  • Effectively removes stale coffee grounds and residue as well as coffee odors from the grinding burrs.
  • Designed for use with burr grinders
  • All ingredients are food safe, organic and gluten free, but we recommend snacking on something that can't be used to clean your grinder.
  • Full formula is proprietary; contains grains and cereals, and food grade binders.
  • Includes: 430 grams of coffee bean shaped tablets
  • DO NOT use with integrated grinders in superautomatic machines.


  • For use on Coffee and Espresso Grinders:
    1. Empty coffee from grinder.
    2. Add one Full Circle Grinder Cleaner, use 1 capful (35-40g) for espresso grinders or 2 caps full (70-80g) for shop coffee grinders.
    3. Adjust grinder to medium setting and start the grinder.
    4. To purge residual dust, repeat Step 3 above with twice the amount of coffee (70-80g or 140-160g).
    5. Repeat if desired.

Note: Dust may develop during grinding and is harmless. Wipe particulates from hopper, spout, and doser. Keep container tightly closed and dry.

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