Weber Workshops EPF Espresso Paper Filter

$7.50 - $60.00


Improve Your Extractions

Over the last few years, paper filters used in tandem with espresso brewing have become a trend among home baristas, even making their way into commercial spaces. It wasn’t long ago that, if you wanted to try using paper filters, you would have to make your own from V60 or AeroPress filters. Now, Weber Workshops has teamed up with Cafec to offer regular size, 55mm paper filters to sit evenly in the bottom of your portafilter basket. Not only does this achieve a more uniform extraction, it can actually increase the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) during your pull, resulting in a better tasting shot of espresso. These filters promote even extraction by placing a barrier between the coffee puck and the portafilter so that finely ground particles cannot block the holes in the basket. The Weber Workshop espresso paper filters are a must-try for any barista looking for a better shot of espresso.

Weber Workshops Espresso Paper Filter

What's in the Box

  • Weber Workshops Espresso Paper Filters


  • Mitigates migration of fine particles
  • Helps to improve extraction of coffee
  • Keeps bottom of portafilter clean
  • Fits any standard 58mm portafilter (does not fit the Weber Workshops Unifilter)


Manufacturer: Weber Workshops
Diameter: 55mm
Size: 0.15mm thickness
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