Weber Workshops 58mm Puck Screen



Elevate Your Espresso

Puck screens, or shot screens, are becoming more commonplace in the world of home baristas, and the benefits of using them are incredibly clear. The Weber Workshops puck screen has been developed using 316, marine-grade stainless steel with a 150 micron mesh, meaning that each opening in the screen is a mere 0.15mm wide. This allows the water coming from the group head of your espresso machine to distribute evenly across the entire coffee bed, optimizing extraction and helping to mitigate channeling during the duration of the shot. The longer a shot of espresso runs, the higher the chance of erosion becomes, but the Weber Workshops puck screen acts as a buffer against this, providing you with more consistent, better-tasting espresso. As an added bonus, the screen will help to keep your shower screen and group head clean and free of fine coffee particles.

What's in the Box

  • Weber Workshops 58mm Puck Screen


  • Mitigates puck erosion from high velocity water
  • Helps to keep the group head and shower screen free of fine particles
  • Designed with 150 micron mesh
  • Fits any 58mm portafilter


Manufacturer: Weber Workshops
Size: 58mm (diameter)
Materials: 316 marine grade stainless steel
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