Yama Coffee Syphon / Siphon Vacuum Pot Filters, Set of 5



The Yama Syphon Brewer is a modern version of an old coffee brewer design. The process is simple and elegant, but the final product is outstanding. Simply pour 21 oz. of water into the bottom glass and heat it over the included burner until it slowly begins to boil (the Syphon is available with a butane burner). If it is heating too fast and boiling rapidly, monitor the heat source to ensure a slower boil. At this point, the water will rise into the upper glass and saturate the waiting grounds. Some even recommend to wait until about 1/2 - 3/4 of the water has risen to the upper glass to dump the grounds into the top glass. Once every last drop of flavor has been extracted from the ground beans (will take approximately 2 minutes depending upon desired strength), remove the flame and gravity will draw the coffee down through the tube (and filter) into the lower glass. To serve, remove the upper glass and use the built in handle to pour a fantastic cup of coffee.

The benefits of this system are that the water heats to the perfect brewing temperature, and that complete control over the process can be maintained at all times. Simply remove the heat source when you want saturation to be complete!

  • 5 cloth filters included.
  • Filters are reusable.
  • Designed specifically for the Yama Syphon brewer (available with a butane burner).

Manufacturer: Yama
Model: Cloth Filter
Amount Included: 5

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