Yama Coffee Vacpot 8 Cup Stovetop Siphon/Syphon

  • Yama 8 Cup Syphon Coffee Brewer
  • Yama 8 Cup Syphon Coffee Brewer

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Stovetop Siphon From Yama

The Yama Syphon (or Siphon) Brewer is most likely the fanciest way to make coffee you'll ever see. For coffee geeks, it's not merely an entertaining way to make coffee, but one of the best brewing methods created. The full-immersion brewing, consistant brew temperature, and cloth filter combine to bring out the best in your coffee. Simply pour 40 oz. of water into the bottom glass, attach firmly the upper glass chamber, and heat it over the stove until it slowly begins to boil. If it is heating too fast and boiling rapidly, monitor the heat source to ensure a slower boil. At this point, the water will rise into the upper glass and saturate the waiting grounds. Some even recommend to wait until about 1/2 - 3/4 of the water has risen to the upper glass to dump the grounds into the top glass. Once every last drop of flavor has been extracted from the ground coffee (will take approximately 2 minutes depending upon desired strength), remove from the stove (careful, the bottom will be hot) and the coffee will be drawn down through the tube (and filter) into the lower glass. To serve, simply remove the upper glass and set it in the top/lid. The bottom container can now be used as a serving vessel. Enjoy!

This listing is for the 8 Cup Stovetop Siphon. For other sizes and options see our 5 Cup Stovetop Siphon, 3 Cup Tabletop Siphon, and 5 Cup Tabletop Siphon listings.

For detailed brewing instructions check out our Prima Coffee Siphon Brewing Guide.

Yama 8 cup stovetop siphon

What's in the Box

  • Upper glass brewing chamber
  • Lower glass brewing chamber
  • lid
  • Coffee spoon
  • Filter assembly
  • Extra Cloth filter


  • 40 oz. capacity brews up to 8 cups at a time.
  • Cup = 147 ml
  • The vacuum pot brewing method is extrememly hands-on, allowing a high degree of control over the brewing process.
  • Beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sits directly on the stove for heating


Manufacturer: Yama
Model: SY-8BK
Depth: 8 in.
Width: 8 in.
Height: 11 in.
Weight: 2 lbs.
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