Yama Cold Coffee Brewer - 124 oz.

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The Yama Cold Coffee Brewer embodies both the art and science that goes into specialty coffee. The beautifully crafted brewer uses extreme care in slowly and carefully extracting the coffee for an ideal cold brew. Combine the proper volume of ice water in the top chamber and properly ground and dosed coffee in the middle chamber to produce a strong and delicious cold brew.

  • 124 oz listed capacity brews 25 cups at a time.
  • The recommended brewing time is between 8-12 hours depending on the grind and drip rate.
  • For extra paper filters, select from the options menu when you "Add to Cart" or head to our Cold Brew Paper Filter page .
  • The 32 oz Yama Cold Coffee Brewer is available to those who are looking for lower production.
Yama Cold Coffee Brewer 32 oz


Manufacturer: Yama
Model: CDM-25
Dimensions: 11.75"D x 11.75"W x 44.5"H
Weight: 26 lbs.
Brew Method: Cold Brew
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