Prima Coffee's Siphon Brewing Guide and Yama Siphon Review

Over the past couple of years I've experimented with many different brewing methods. The one brewing method that captivated me when introduced to it and the one which I keep running back to when I want to be able to count on a good cup of coffee is the Siphon. The Siphon is a somewhat rare and slightly intimidating brewing device. As for rare, we've put together a review on the siphon which should help you become more familiar with this brewing device. In order to take away the intimidation factor, we've also compiled a Siphon Brewing Guide for those wanting some direction on how to brew with what is in my opinion the best manual brewer out there.

You can find the PDF of the Siphon brewing guide here:

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What an intriguing questions! Without much experience with making cocktails and the like, I'd say the siphon should work just fine for that application. The trick will be keeping the heat down, as alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water. If you decide to pick one up, adding the butane burner will be especially important for your use. The siphon comes with an alcohol burner, but you'll need the extra control granted by the butane burner in order to keep the heat low enough. Does that make sense?

hello, I'm curious if this infusion instrument can be used also for creating different alcoholic infusions. For example: in the bottom recipient to put alcohol instead of water, and instead of coffee to use different kinds of tea and condiments?

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