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Hario V60 coffee dripper

Video Overview | Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

Hario’s V60 Coffee Drippers’ unique design and simple brew method has endeared it to home enthusiasts and cafes alike. Its distinctive inner wall features spiraling notches, which promote an evenly extracted brew in a short amount of time. One of the most popular manual brewers on the market today, the V60 come in sizes 01 and 02, as well as in a variety of materials and colors, so you can choose the one that’s just right for you. Want a quick, delicious pour over with easy clean up? You’ve found the brewer you’re looking for.

Guest Review: Flat-Bottom Coffee Drippers

It’s a gilded age for flat-bottom coffee drippers, and in this comparison guide, guest reviewer Michael Butterworth walks you through four of today's top contenders: the Kalita Wave, notNeutral Gino, Blue Bottle Dripper, and December Dripper.

notNeutral GINO Dripper and Server

Video Overview | notNeutral GINO Dripper and Server

notNeutral is a brand who loves to combine brewing and style in the best of ways. Their pour over dripper (which is akin to the Kalita Wave)and server is an elegant choice for those who like their coffee made and presented in a sleek, sophisticated manner.

Clever Coffee Dripper

Video Overview | Clever Coffee Dripper

What's so smart about the Clever Coffee Dripper? A lot, actually. This brewer is in the running for the simplest means of making great coffee, and here's why: a patented mechanism in its base virtually removes user error and unrefined technique from the brewing equation. It doesn't require any special kettle or precise pour pattern, nor is it terribly particular about grind setting. With just fresh coffee, hot water, and easy-to-find #4 filters, your new favorite brewer is ready to use.

Kalita Wave Set

Video Overview | Kalita Wave Style Set

Sharp and sleek, the Kalita Wave Style Set will make you feel that much more fancy while brewing.

Kalita Wave Dripper

Video Overview | Kalita Wave Drippers

The Kalita Wave’s unique design sets it apart from other drippers, and make it a popular go-to for a whole range of coffee fans. With its signature chopped-cone shape and flat bottom, the Wave requires a less exact pouring technique than other pour over brewers, without the threat of poor extraction. It’s also quick, with a 2-4 minute brew time and relatively effortless clean up, so you can go from craving, to cup-in-hand before you know it.