Video Overview | Mahlkonig Brass Shear Plate for EK43, EKK43, EK43 S

Video Overview | Mahlkonig Brass Shear Plate for EK43, EKK43, EK43 S

Aug 29th 2019 Written by meredithlangley

Previously made from aluminum and steel, Mahlkonig's Shear Plate is now brass and thus much more durable when it comes to frequent start/stop action. This OEM replacement part, which connects the burr carrier to the drive shaft, fits the EK43, EKK43, and EK43 S. Learn how to properly insert the Shear Plate and more in this video, as Steve shares on the Brass Shear plate from Mahlkonig.


Hey, folks. This is Steve with Prima Coffee. Today we're taking a look at this guy. This is a shear plate for an EK43 grinder, a Mahlkonig grinder. This is an OEM part, basically. It's a replacement part that's pretty critical to the function of your EK43, EK43S, or EKK43, whichever you might have. More or less what this piece does, it's a sacrificial part that connects the driveshaft to the burr carrier or pre-breaker. And it's designed to break if something goes wrong with the burrs. So, like if you catch a rock or something in your beans. And that stops the burrs from turning, the driveshaft will continue to turn and torque onto this piece, and then break the shear plate so that nothing bad happens to the motor. So you're much better off breaking this cheap, inexpensive part than the big expensive motor inside the grinder.

Mahlkonig Brass Shear Plate for EK43, EKK43, EK43 S

Made for EK43, EKK43, and EK43 S grinders

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So, occasionally, you do need to replace these especially with the way that we like to use EK43s today, where we have a lot or on/off, you know, start/stop cycles when we're single dosing or grinding smaller batches. The grinder wasn't originally designed for that purpose but Mahlkonig has made some updates that, hopefully, you know, make them a little bit better suited to how we like to use them. So these are newer brass shear plates. Older ones have been made out of steel or aluminum. So the newer brass ones tend to have pretty good longevity especially considering those frequent starts and stops. Replacing one is really, really easy. If you've got a broken one, sometimes the pieces are a little bit hard to remove. But once you've dug them out, you know... let's say you just use a slotted screwdriver, you can just dig them out of the channel between the burr carrier and the driveshaft here.

Replacing one, pretty simple. It's a slot. You want to make sure that the burr carrier and the driveshaft are actually aligned. A slotted screwdriver can help that pretty easily. Just kind of make sure that that straight line is lined up in your grinder. So you've got a fresh shear plate. You want just a little bit of food-safe grease. Kind of pick your poison there. There's a lot of different options out and available for grease, you know, that you may want to use. Just grease both sides of the shear plate, and then we tend to recommend just getting a little bit, kind of, inside those channels too. There is always going to be a little bit of surface grease on this front part of the burr carrier that actually butts up against the front cap of the grinder anyway. So it's good to have a little bit of lubrication there. Once we have a little bit of grease on there, all you need to do is just slide it right in and that's it. You're installed. You're ready to go. Just install the front cap of your grinder again.

We have a couple of screws to screw down. I do like to alternate screwing them down when I'm putting the front cap back on. Partly, that's just so it's easier to actually screw both sides in because if you do one side all at once, there is a spring pushing back against the cap so it can kind of put it at a strange angle and makes it harder to just screw down. So just a couple of turns on either side. Do also make sure that it's lined up properly and coming back in straight. But other than that, very simple process. So, if you do have a shear plate that has broken or you want to upgrade to the newer brass versions, do note, there are actually two models of shear plate for different burr carriers. Mahlkonig made some updates to their EK43 burr carriers around 2018, late 2017, so the black burr carrier that I have is anodized aluminum.

The previous ones were made of stainless steel, and they do require a different shear plate depending on which model you have. So make sure that you're getting the right one for the series of grinder that you have to make sure that it is the best fit. Other than that, the shear plate is a very simple fix and probably something you want to keep on hand if you're a technician who has to work on EK43 grinders. So that's the new OEM shear plate from Mahlkonig for EK43s. Thanks for watching.

Aug 29th 2019 meredithlangley

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