Brewing Guide | Hario V60 Coffee Drippers

Brewing Guide | Hario V60 Coffee Drippers

Apr 1st 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Hario's V60 dripper is built for precision in brewing, with a unique design that allows you to dial in your perfect cup of coffee. A popular choice in many coffee bars for its shorter brew times and memorable flavors, the V60 gives an even brew that lands right in your cup. In this video, Chris walks through what you'll want to know and the products you’ll need to get the best cup from this little brewer that we really like. We think you’ll like it, too.


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Hey, Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're learning to brew with the V60 dripper. Let's take a look at what we need to get to get started. You're going to have your V60 Dripper for one. This is the one size, the smallest of the family. The matching V61 filter - mine's white. I have about 24 grams of fine-medium ground coffee right there. This is a 13 on a Guatemala Lab grinder. I'm also using a V60 pour-over station here made by Hario. I have the glass underneath. You can use a server if you like. Then there is the drip scale underneath too, so I can measure my coffee and my water as we go. Then finally we also have the Buono pouring kettle here. It helps me draw the brew time within a nice slow pour. I'm going to go ahead and get a timer going, then we're going to start our pre-infusion stage. I'm going to use about 10% of my total water volume for this pre infusion.

I'm shooting, eventually, for about 350 grams of water in. So I've poured about -- actually I got about 42 grams of water in there. But somewhere near the 10% mark is good for pre-infusion. You're going to see that coffee began to bloom there - looks nice - tells us that it's nice and fresh. Then after this I'm going to begin pouring. Because the V60 is a cone shape, I can actually use a center-pour here. The cone shape sort of facilitates some circulation just naturally because of that shape. So the center-pour here is going to work alright for me. In fact, if I were to do too many circles in my pour, or even get too close to the edge, I'm actually going to be pushing grounds down to the bottom of the cone and clogging it up, unnecessarily extending my brew time. So I'm just pouring nice and slowly in the middle here.

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Unique design leads to a uniform brew

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The V60 has become really popular in lots of coffee bars for pour-over service for a couple of reasons. It makes really, really tasty coffee, it usually encourages a shorter brew time and as a result you get the bright, sparkly acidity; lots of fruity flavors out of it. Makes really unique cup of coffee. It's also not too difficult to use. Brew time is quick. It doesn't take up a ton of time. Requires some pouring precision, but overall it's a pretty easy method to use and you can actually get a lineup of them going on a big pour-over bar pretty easily. So we like it for that reason. I'll show you on the bigger one here. The V60 has these spirals on the inside, and what those spirals are to do is separate the filter from the wall of the cone.

So the Chemex for example, has the filters lying flat against the wall and it sort of draws out the brew time because there's not as much air flow. But, this makes it so that there is more airflow, the brew time is a little bit quicker, especially because there's a big hole at the bottom. As a result, it's a little bit speedier. All right, we're just at the end there. You can see that's just over two minutes. I usually shoot for two, two and a half, maybe three minutes, depending on grind size and the coffee you're using. That one looks like it'll work pretty well. Filled my cup up nicely. That's the V60 dripper. We like it, it makes a really interesting cup of coffee. We think you'll enjoy it too. Thanks for watching.

Apr 1st 2018 meredithlangley

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